The Prize Patrol Keeps Going And Going And Going

I just discovered a most amazing coincidence: the loveable Eveready Energizer Bunny and the equally loveable Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol made their national TV debuts in the same year: 1989.  Beyond that, these two TV icons have a great deal in common.  Just like that famous pink rabbit, the Prize Patrol just keeps going and going and going.  I mean – we just keep traveling and traveling and traveling  and awarding Big Check after Big Check after Big Check.  (We’ve awarded over $240 million in major prizes alone.)

Eveready claims their batteries will last a long time, and we can make the same claim: Todd Sloane  and yours truly  started the Prize Patrol many years ago, and we’ve logged thousands and thousands of miles on the way to sweepstakes winners’ doors.

You’ve no doubt seen the Energizer Bunny sporting dark glasses and pounding his big bass drum.   At times we also wear dark glasses — as we scope out a winner’s location; but that’s where the similarity ends.  No bass drum for us.  We carry bouquets of roses and balloons and, most importantly, the Big Check!   Our trusty video camera crew tapes the “winning moment” so that TV viewers across the U. S. can see the emotion and excitement when someone hears us announce “YOU are a winner in the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes!”

Like some batteries, Todd and I occasionally need some recharging.  It just takes a little time back in the office or some “R&R” and we’re “ever-ready” to hit the road again – with our ever-ready deputy Danielle Lam – to surprise a new winner with a Big Check worth thousands, even millions of dollars.

It’s easy to experience the “keeps going and going” properties of the Energizer Bunny by purchasing an Eveready battery.  But it’s also easy – without purchasing a thing — to enter and maybe WIN the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.  A simple click on this link to  will get you started and then you can enter for our November 30th Mega Prize worth $1,000,000.00 Plus $5,000.00 A Week For Life!

Just think: You could see the famous Prize Patrol not “going and going” to someone else’s house but coming to your front door!  I suggest you get going and going and go for it!

Good luck!


Dave Sayer
Prize Patrol Ambassador


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hope said...

I’ll keep entering and hope to be the mega prize winner on the 30th! It’s a long shot, but I have to try. It would be amazing to win, especially this month! I’d have some fun plans for a bit of the money and surprise a few people.

Kanika Loeung said...

I wish The Famous Prize Patrol would come to recharging batteries in front of my house :)

Allen Choy said...

I have been the Official PCH Energizer Bunny Entrant with responses to emails, searches, and entries. My friend asked me the other day how many thousand hours I have spent with my ADD and dedication to PCH in which, like anything, you usually only get out of anything what you put in (unless your lucky)… She had to tease me (as usual) and hence calculate the time knowing that I had won a $25 PCH Prize (which is the only prize I have ever won). It was a year or two ago. Her teasing response had too many zeros at the end of her calculation… hopefully I’ll throw comment back at her at some point with an Energized HAAA!! HAAA!!! :) It happens to be something I enjoy doing…

which way is the wright way? said...

thanks for the inspirational motivation,i needed to see and read something like this; this morning,i hope to try my best here and other place in life, in mean time all are in my prayers.thank you, “LORD” for bringing in the special moments and keep sending your angels our way in our times of need i see that you are watching over me for the one odd blessing i got last night,and many more suprising ones again in the future.what’s next?”truth” i hope for reality of time well spent trying to find that door of opportunity and walk through it with the confidence and pride of: i know i can do it without giving up moments. caring for my family and never ever think of ever giving up just keep on going and going til i find the right path to walk on with more confidence that says i know i did this for myself and noone can take this away i claim my own hope and fulfill my own faith with lil help just to get by in prayer.

DeLayne Perry said...

Dave, the big award is going, going GONE!!! To Kingston Avenue…
and when it reaches it’s destination, I will finally get a ‘real’ peaceful night’s sleep!!!
I have become a ‘night owl’ over PCH … Edwin will understand! We can relate.
And I AM THE PCH EVEREADY BATTERY cuz I keep on going and going and going… Will you guys PLEASE STOP ME NOW!

A.B. said...

Do pch make donation to loyal friend in deeper financial needs ? Or do pch only to draws super prize number to deliver prize to some lucky winners ? I asked that question because couple months ago I was begging for a $ 3000 donation because my husband and I we lost our job and we don’t have any savings . we have 5 children and we could not pay our low income apartment in Miami fl . We got evicted now we stay at a friend house in Ocala fl where I used to live 3 years ago and lost my beautiful and cozy house because of tough situation. 13 people in a 3 bedrooms house it is so crowded but everyday I always blessed God for giving us this as a shelter otherwise I will be on the street with my 5 children. Now I start looking for job in Ocala but its not easy to find one but I still got hope. In the meanwhile if pch can give me something as a loyal friends , anything, small or big, I will be more than happy. My family is hoping one day pch will knock at my friend door in Ocala fl to rescue us. Our children are so depressed now I feel bad, even it’s not my fault but I feel so guilty to put them in that situation, no children deserve to live like that.
Please pch help me if it’s not possible for you can you please ask friends and other organization for me and God will blessed your kindness and generosity.
If you need more info about me feel free to ask.

Your loyal friend A. B.


I hope I will be that lucky winner come Nov 30th Have a great day Dave and a blessed one

eugenia baltaru said...

like you, fortunately for us, Keep going, and I continue to hope !

KEDRIC said...


Willie J. Mitchell said...

Hi Dave,
This is Awesome Blog. I enjoy read your Positive message and Enjoy Keep going, going and going..
Have a Fun and Safe Travel..
I, Myself, love Travel…
Thank you,
Willie Jackie Mitchell

candace watson said...

I follow you everyday on Facebook so it’s good to be able to see what you have to say in that you always post something cool or funny or interesting for me to read about thank you

Helen Arguello said...

PCH Prize PATROL .I t would be fan tastic to see you at my door. Hope all is well. I have never Won anthing Big in my lifetime. I have so many Dreams , I keep taking it one day at a time. PCH is a Dream right now for me.One day a Reality , gots my fingers crossed. Thank you for everything God Bless.Im entering again. God Bless

heather Montoya said...

Thats true

Sherry Bailey said...

Good Morning Dave, I see the similarities, although the PCH Team has a specific destination while the bunny scurries around with no particular place to go and go! No pressure there!! The Elite Price Patrol has the task of making someones dreams come true ;) Thank You for giving us a hope that dreams can come true at our house!!

shawna vaughan said...

god bless you all.for changing so many lives.

Mrs. A.T. said...

Hi PCH and Dave! OMGosh! I was thinking that same thing the other day, about the energizer battery bunny and the Prize Patrol, namely you for delivering the Prize when the storm hit. I know you were out of the area, but I know alot still goes into each award. There is one difference though, I never liked the “bunny” and I “like” the Prize Patrol! Now all you have to do is stop going, going to other houses and stop at mine.Haha! I enter daily so I know it’s possible!

Billie Day said...

Thanks Dave!!!!!! The prize patrol is AWESOME!! I can’t wait to see you :) :)

Diana Hanlon said...

Hello I’m just popping to say hi and hope I get to win this big mega prize event I will be waiting for the knocking on the door so come on down.:)

maria estrella baccay platecki said...

i am very excited to see them in person i wish i could be everyday i enter my all entry then searching in pchsearch$win while playing games then i enter my pch lotto.i am positive,believer and have faith in the winner who is she or he your such a lucky you deserve your dreams come true.still here kicking and breathin.i love pch so much.i am done today.good luck and god bless you all

Michaela G. said...

Thank you Dave Sayer, Prize Patrol Ambassador for that wonderful inspirational letter to enter the PCH Sweepstakes.

I think that is so cute that the Eveready Energizer Bunny and the equally lovable Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol made their national TV debuts in the same year: 1989. WOW, has it been that long, it just seems like yesterday that it all started and you all look great!!!!

I will say it again, I think you and the other Prize Patrol have the best job ever and I would love to see you at my door, this November 30th, 2012 with the BIG MEGA CHECK in hand. If that happened I really do not know what I would do, it is a long shot but if you do not enter you will never know, so I enter everyday.

Plus, I just love that you are finally online, because it is so much fun to enter and play the games to win, although I have not won any thing, but you never know what tomorrow brings it could be another contest witch I will enter everyday. I could only say my prayers and daydream some more in hopes that one day I will win the BIG MEGA Prize from PCH!!!!

I do hope you have a wonderful week and please rest up because you have a long trip ahead of you!!!! ;-)

Cristian Reyes said...


Cristian Reyes said...


elizabeth dever said...

I just want every one to know that Elizabeth Dever is the next winner for the 10,000.00 foe november 30th.

Regina L.Tucker said...

A.B. unfortunately we share the same chaos… keep your head bow down and keep praying and keep praying and keep praying.

You are right, the economy is still in bad shape. I wrote the White House an online letter with some suggestions I though might help. I figured it’s better to find ways to help instead of complaining ESPECIALLY while in the midst of hardship. Although, it’s very, very, very, hard not to worry in this situation.

It’s very easy to argue with one another in times like this too, which can separate the family. Please no matter what don’t let this happen.

Divorce, no job, no car, debt, separated family – I feel like such a failure. I figure I can choose to be depressed OR I can believe things will get better.

I’m believing it can all be restored. I asked God to restore it all. I don’t know how or when it will happen – only God has that answer. I hope it is soon.

I have felt like giving up many days, but my youngest son said mom you just have got to have faith.

so I’m believing God is going to get us through this valley. He is able. Just in His time. He is always right on time. I have chosen to Believe and have faith.
God is here with us. I’m holding on to Him with all that is in me


I’m holding on to PCH with HOPE that maybe God will use them as a vehicle of rescue.

BIG ODDS – yes, but I feel like I have bigger hope. Everyday God is building my faith up.

Just like the rabbit…Keep on believing and believing and believing and believing…

A.B – we can’t do anything to help each other financially. Encouragement helps. Unfortunately, we can’t make employers hire us…until the jobs start opening up and CALLING BACK FOR HIRE – we are “the charity”, but feel free to write me. I borrow this laptop – sometimes it helps to talk and maybe exchange ideas AND vent the hurt away.

God bless you and yours.
God have mercy on us all.

Renata said...

Hi, Dave #1 PCH FAN!! Right Here! Everyday,like bunny

The Millie said...

When I read the above article, I could see the similities. But when you talked about wearing sunglasses and staking out the winners home, my mind could hear the ” mission impossible” theme and see you guys flipping and dodging the winners view until the “right time” came. LOL! Thanks for the smile with that visual. :)

Gina Castanza said...

Dreams can come true…

Wilensky Saintil said...

WOW, ITS AMAZING how you guys have been breeding winners for decades at a time and keep the suprizes Going and Going… I can honestly say that the PCH/Prize patrol is one of the most exciting prize endeavors in the nation.

I wonder if you guys were the reason American Family Publishers filed for Bankruptcy. LOL. I remember as a child in the late 80′s when my parents used the enter the PCH sweepsteaks all the time for free and even though they never won, they were always so excited at recieving and taking advantage of free entry opportunities through the mail. Now that they realize that I started entering the sweepstakes my mother in particular told me recently that it brought back fun memories.

I know that its not easy accepting the fact that yo haven’t won in any Prize competition but I think just by giving it you all, playing by the rules and simply having fun is what counts the most. Besides, I truly enjoy participating and using the great customer benefits that PCH has to offer as well. Its definately worth wild. Like the Good book says, Its better to Give than to receive.

Much Love!

Melanie Antry said...

There is nothing more for my family and I would want to see the prize patrol right in front of our door on Nov 30. And this month is my birth month! Whoohoo! I really hope to see you guys. Even though I know that there are so many people entering everyday I hope I am the lucky one to see you guys. What else can I loose but only to not enter.. So you see entering is so important in my daily routine. Please please come this way!

a.b said...

to Regina L. Tucker
thank you for all your suggestions and encouragement. I really appreciated it. I have faith in God and I also know is powerful. God have plan for everybody, my time hasn’t come yet but I know for sure one day he will put an end to my problems and fulfill my dreams.

Diane Stottlemire said...

I am so ready excited and can’t sit still thinking about a knock at my door… U WILLL NOT KNOW WHAT TO do WITH ME MY FAINTING WITH CRYS OF JOY AND NUMBNESS OF HAPPINESS .. U will be MY AND SO MANY OTHERS hero.. please Come early Dave, TODD , danelille hurry

Lomas Peete said...

Dear PCH PRIZE PATROL, I Wait I’m Be Ready I Want Winner Mega Prize Before November30th 2012 I’M at home My old apartment front door apt 404 look this old 6505 14th street n w old washington,dc, i’m not working detailer car wash anymore, i working my computer myshelf, i have move out old my apartment to moving new single family house, with my sisters and friend together,i needs big check for buy house and marriage,i want prize everything ,

michael mayns said...

PCH prize Patrol Daniel Todd Dave in the dream team I say dream team because I keep having this dream over and over the prize patrol Knox at my door when I open it they’re getting back to the prize patrol then I start chasing it then what do you think happens I wake up but I’m still in it to win it PS don’t tell anybody

Jennifer McLaughlin said...

I am praying daily that prize patrol comes to the door where I live On November 26 to tell me I have won 7,000 a week so I can finally get the house my little girl has been praying for her whole life. I got hurt on the job years ago. And my life has steadily went down hill in it of ways and others not. I am closer to God and have been blessed to get so close to my daughter. Prize patrol please help. I would have enough then I could help other moms in that situation.

God bless alll

cmsy said...

I can’t stand to be disappointed. So am I the next winner?

Natassia Henry said...

So looking for the prize patrol to pay me a visit here in Florida, never gonna give up I’m a keep trying till I get the prize…..wish everyone a blessed day <3!