5 thoughts on “leroy”

  1. MARY HAWK says:

    the one thing i pray for year pch that i would be winner.you would knock on my door.bccause all of them would people would stop makeing fun of me and see you pch you are so people do win if you pick my name and come to my door on november 30 i know one thing i would show all of them you do win from publisher clearing house.please hope it me this time so i can show all of them that it pay to enter every day please lit it be my time to win please

  2. I will win one day it all in god hands I am jus going pary tht god pick my number or my name amen amen

    1. Simmons Honey says:

      I still hope to win. Pch one day god let me

  3. just in time thinksgiving. julia ann justice from ky.

  4. plese lit it bee my time to win thise time. julia justice. 11 6 12.

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