19 thoughts on “greendot”

  1. Case says:

    876 833-6757
    Todd Sloane messaged me on Facebook and then his “manager” called me from this phone number to tell me that the guys were on their way with the check…etc…to make sure that I had my confirmation card. I said that I never received it and the next thing I know, this guy is trying to convince me to buy the green dot card with $199.99 on it as verification of who I am in order to claim my prize. I guess I lost out. :-(

  2. Frank says:

    Just got a facebook message from “Dave Sayer” and telling me to claim my prize I need to get 375.99 on a greendot card. And next thing I know he called me at 12:30am to explain things to me.

  3. sharone w says:

    Got a call from John cole… pch


    Same story

    Green dot $ card. … Load $299….. He said OK let’s hang up and call back 2 b sure u can cam us once you get card… I said OK

    Thank God my phone won’t let me call JAMAICA

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