Lucky The Big Check Is Back With Another “Mega” Question!

As you know, Publishers Clearing House is looking all across the country for our next big winner! What state do YOU want the winner to come from? Please write your answers in the comment space below!

Good Luck!

Lucky Windfall

The PCH Big Check

137 thoughts on “Lucky The Big Check Is Back With Another “Mega” Question!”

  1. lucky says:

    I’m Tim walling aka lucky hope I win something someday

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  3. Isabela says:

    and 2KJ,Great post!We think the main reason of remebmerence day is that you should think about the peopole who have been in the war.In 2Js today we watched a video of the world war 1 when we watched the video we were also listening to music the music that was beeing played was a song called waltzing matilda.Your Friends,Amelie and Hannah

  4. Millie young says:

    The south is the best especially in southern Mississippi!

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