“Special Early Look” For the PCH Mega Prize Event Coming Up!

Can you believe it? There are only FIVE DAYS LEFT to enter to win the November 30th PCH Mega Prize! If you haven’t entered, what are you waiting for? There may not be a lot of time to enter, but luckily, there are lots of ways to enter to win for in this life-changing, millionaire-making event. Check this out!

Back to the November 30th PCH Mega Prize Event…. It’s what we call a “Special Early Look” Event, meaning Publishers Clearing House will take a “Special Early Look” for a winner from Giveaway No. 1830. And that’s happening next week!

I reached out to Maryann Carter, Contest Manager, to find out more about how this very important process works. She informed me that PCH has foolproof procedures in place to randomly select the winning number. First, PCH Officials compile the total universe of prize numbers for the Giveaway and define the eligible number range for the “Special Early Look.” After being reviewed by internal controls, the data is uploaded into our Winning Number Generator.  

Once the winning number is randomly selected, PCH Officials check to see if the matching winning Prize Number was timely returned. If so, then Danielle, Dave and Todd of the PCH Prize Patrol will award a Mega Prize of  $1,000,000.00 plus $5,000.00 A Week For Life to a lucky winner.

You might be asking yourself, “what if the matching winning number is NOT timely returned? Good question! In that case, PCH will hold a Second Chance drawing and a $1,000,000.00 winner will be selected.

Yes, you read that right, ONE MILLION DOLLARS! Not too bad for a second-chance, eh? Jason Clark, Tari Woods and Natalie Bostleman, are just a few former PCH winners who won from a second chance drawing…and they’ll tell you it gave them a second chance on life!

So, how much will be awarded on November 30th? $1,000,000.00 plus $5,000.00 A Week For Life or $1,000,000.00?? We don’t know yet! Remember, the Special Early Look will take place next week! But one thing is for sure, on November 30th, someone will definitely become a Publishers Clearing House Millionaire!

Good luck,

Kate M.

P.S. We’ll be telling you the results of the Special Early Look as soon as it happens right here on this blog! So keep checking back next week to find out which prize will be awarded on November 30th! Comment below and let us know which prize YOU want to win!

828 thoughts on ““Special Early Look” For the PCH Mega Prize Event Coming Up!”

  1. riana says:

    i’m in it to win it :-)

  2. Jaime Carabajal says:

    Hello Pch, Yes I am here searching for that special early look prize event tag Gwy no 4900 for life I sure would love to win it I could help a lot of family members and friends that are seriously the best help that I could help with their bills and money take good care of my Parents for the a life time that they could and enjoy the days that we all have in our lives we never know when its your time only God knows so Pch I thank you for all my entries that I have received from the Pch a big Charity would go 10% to the House Of God Every Week I also want to claim all my entries and bonus like to win that Superprize $ that would be a nice prize to win thanks again Pch I want to win

  3. Tara Lyn Fray says:

    Yes,PCH I want to win the Special Early Look Event gwy 4650. I want to win the Mega Prize gwy 4900. When I win I will buy a vehicle that is comparable with my wheel chair Iam now in & have no vehicle that I can operate my self as well as getting in & out of it. To have just that bit of freedom back would be so wonderful & will make such a positive impact in my life. That would be for starters; then I’d take care of my Mothers needs (my Father has passed) so she’d be set for life. I’d also be there to help any of my other family members in need. After that I’d start a charity for those people who fall thru the cracks, need help but there is none at this time to be had. I’d set up some kind of a new charity for those unfortunate people. These are just a few Dreams I have that can be fulfilled with this wonderful opportunity from PCH. Thank you PCH. God Bless

  4. PCH I’m seriously claiming $1,000.00.00 special early suprize gwy 4950 &$7.000.00 a week for life gwy4900 October 23rd A dynamic transformation from dream to really lifetime change

  5. Tara Lyn Fray says:

    Yes PCH I want to win with your early look mega giveaway. Thanks for this opportunity to win big.

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