Just-Breaking News About The November 30 PCH Mega Prize Event

Hi PCH fans!

It’s Danielle Lam from the PCH Prize Patrol! I have just-breaking news — the results of the Special Early Look for the November 30 Prize Event! I wanted to share the results with all of you as soon as I found out.

Watch my video below to find out what I have to say!


Even though the PCH Prize Patrol won’t be awarding the Mega Prize amount on November 30, I am still SO excited to be awarding ONE MILLION DOLLARS next Friday! I mean with the holidays just around the corner, who couldn’t use ONE MILLION DOLLARS? I know I could!!!!

Could YOU use $1,000,000.00? Do YOU want to see me at your door with the Big Check in just a few days? Comment below and let me know — the more comments I see, the more excited I get!

So tell me…whose name do YOU want to see on the Million Dollar Big Check????

Good luck everyone!

Danielle Lam
PCH Prize Patrol Elite

245 thoughts on “Just-Breaking News About The November 30 PCH Mega Prize Event”

  1. Miranda O'Banion says:

    I would love to see the name Miranda O’Banion on the PCH check for One Million Dollars!!!

  2. miriam slayton says:

    hi i would like to wim so i could pay off al my bills and help my family

  3. Rucinada Durham says:

    Get out of deat.

  4. linda blankenship says:

    i love seeing your moments of winning. blessings to each of youa t pch. love linda

  5. debra hoover says:

    I would love to have ya’ll at door nov. 30th 2012,I’m wishing and hoping ,That one day I’d open door the prize patrol would be there.

  6. Paris Dillard says:

    how can some one win these games when they hardly work correctly? just saying…

    1. Jussie At PCH Jussie At PCH says:

      Paris, what kind of difficulties are you having?

      1. Jennifer Galbraith says:

        The site freezes up almost daily even late at night. But back your original question. I would like to see my families name on the check. We’ve lost so much during this past year including our home that we are hanging on tight to what little hope we have left. Happy Holidays!

      2. Jussie At PCH Jussie At PCH says:

        Which site?

  7. I do not care for facebook,I think this is unfair to all who have all who do not have a facebook acc.This was not a require when I started the sweeps.

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      Kenneth, you do not need a Facebook account to enter PCH!

  8. Mindy Brakebush says:

    I want to see you at my door!!!! 🙂

  9. Kanika Loeung says:

    I’d like to see the Prize Patrol in front of my house with a Big Check that have my name on it.
    I wish to be the next Millionaire!
    I praying to have a double winners in Oregon again! 🙂

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