6 thoughts on “11_28_PPREADY”

  1. christpher calhoun says:

    I christopher calhoun would like to win the big check because I have never won some thing like that before in my life and I if I would win that big check for life I realy would buy a new truck that I need and other things that I need and to help my family out to I would even buy my self a cabin house fire place big pond and some accers. So I am hoping and praying that I win. God bless yall. It would be a blessing if I do win the big check but if I do win I will be happy.

  2. Jamie Neubaum says:

    Sure hope y’all hurry with my million land lord is sending nasty letters .i just tell them well I might be the next millionaire I’m waiting for the prize patrol as we speak. He didn’t like that very much but I still believe I’m your winner .

  3. rene jaime says:

    I would love to see you in person I you can be in las Vegas or we we ever you go drive safe

  4. kenneth lucas says:

    I want to win publishers clearing house superprize 1830,3080 feb28th

  5. if I won I would like to help build a new church for our community

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