9 thoughts on “prizepatrol”

  1. Nicholas Adam Underwood Reagan says:

    Did I win?

  2. Sharon an Eugene Acuff says:

    I hope we can win an save are house it also needs work Inside my husband is sad we have to move and that takes money too I hope we win

  3. My son, Anthony has been accepted to the University of Texas. It would come handy to pay his college tuition.

  4. Sharon acuff says:

    We are loseing are house to win would mean saveing it sharon acuff of orovolle ca

  5. jean lafountain says:

    i not only love to win one i despertly need one.mine is on it,s last leg, god bless

  6. linda johnson says:

    I would love to win the Ford Escape.

  7. james moore says:

    That’s a very nice car! I would love one!!!
    James Moore

  8. Kathleen keith says:

    Kathleen keith my ford escape is on it last leg I need this car.

  9. Pa Deel says:

    I want to win I need it

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