PCH Warns: Beware Of Publishers Clearing House Phone Scams!

Can you spot a Publishers Clearing House phone scam? Take this “quick quiz” and find out.

Imagine you’re at home and you get a call from someone who tells you he is from Publishers Clearing House. He says you have won $500,000.00, but in order to claim your prize, you first need to wire him a $300.00 delivery fee. What do you do?

A. Hang up!
B. Report this person to the authorities.
C. Wire him the money. After all, $500,000.00 is at stake!

I’m hoping that all of our PCH friends know that the correct answers are A and B ― NEVER C! And if you didn’t get the answer correct, then keep reading because this is very important.

PCH does not call our winners in advance. In fact, if you’re named a BIG PCH winner, you’ll find out when you open your door and see the Prize Patrol standing there holding a “Big Check” with YOUR NAME on it!

More importantly, PCH NEVER asks our winners for any money in order to claim a prize. It’s because the Publishers Clearing House name is so well known and trusted, that fraudsters use it to attempt to scam unsuspecting people out of money.

Just recently, an Arkansas woman received a call from a man claiming he was with Publishers Clearing House. He told her that she had won $1.5 million and a brand new car, but first she would have to pay a fee of $500.00 before she could receive the money and the car. Fortunately, this smart lady knew to call the police and not give the fraudster one cent!

Unfortunately, some seniors are not as lucky ― or as well informed.  Earlier this year an 80-year-old Chicago grandfather was conned out of several thousands of dollars by fraudulent criminals who claimed he had won $5 Million from Publishers Clearing House. The scammer repeatedly kept asking him to wire money for “shipping and handling and safe delivery.”

Don’t risk letting this happen to you. Remember these important A, B, C’s.

A. PCH awards are Absolutely free! Publishers Clearing House will NEVER ask you to pay to enter or collect a prize award.

B. PCH and our Prize Patrol will not Buzz you on the phone if you’ve won a SuperPrize!

C. Fraudsters may Claim to be with Publishers Clearing House ― but Call the authorities if you suspect any wrongdoing.

You can also call our Customer Service hotline at 1-800-392-4190 if you think someone is trying to scam you using the PCH name.

Protect yourself and stay safe!

Elaina R.
PCH Online Creative

173 thoughts on “PCH Warns: Beware Of Publishers Clearing House Phone Scams!”

  1. Douglas Deweese says:

    Beware of callers in the middle of the night saying PCH winner. The number is 1-518-952-1291 or 1-518-380-4553!

  2. John Baker Strikes Again says:

    John Baker claiming to be from Publisher’s Clearing House called my number. I’m always skeptical of ‘something for nothing’ schemes. I kept him on the phone a good hour, telling him I needed time to get ready, because he wanted me to take the phone and myself to Walmart where I would wire him $250 dollars for an Internal Revenue fee for checks over $100,000. He first called me from 925-392-0372, caller ID said California. The call wasn’t very good, so he called me back on 876-535-1218, caller ID said Jamaica. He said once I got to Walmart and wired the money, I would get it back along with a check for $7000 which I would get every week until November. (It’s May now). In addition, he claimed that I would get a car and this would all be delivered to my house at noon today. (It’s 11am) He asked me if I would like it to be private, or local media to be involved. Now I have just started avoiding his calls, and he keeps calling back like 7 times in a row now. He asked me how I felt about winning this contest. I said: “Skeptical.” It’s an obvious scam and I’m not going to fall for it. I hope you don’t either.

  3. Sally Smith says:

    “John Peterson” from the “Publisher Clearings House” called to inform me that I had won the 2nd place prize this month. I kept him on the line for about 15 minutes, but when he started asking for information from me, I reminded him that he hadn’t even said my name yet. I asked him to say my name and he kind of panicked and said, “is this Ms. Nancy?” I said no, and he replied, “Oh my god, you are not the rightful recipient of this prize.” But then he back-pedaled and still kept asking for my personal information… Hmm. Finally he hung up on me. I guess the prize patrol won’t be at my door at 1pm tomorrow after all. 🙁

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      Hi, Sally! Sadly, that sounds like a scam. You will never be notified like that should you win a prize from PCH. Report the scammers to us by completing a scam incident report. Click this link to find out how: http://bit.ly/Report-Scam-To-PCH, then visit this link to help protect yourself: http://bit.ly/PCHFraudPrevention. Also, check out this link for information on how PCH notifies their winners: http://bit.ly/How-are-PCH-winners-notified. Keep safe and informed PCH Fan’s!

  4. Mo Smith says:

    Received an note on my desk top wanting my name and address, was told to contact event manager???? How did they get this message on my desk top? Is this a legal message?

  5. KLH says:

    They are upping the prize. My guy “David” said I had won 9.5 million and a 2016 convertable Mercerdes. I kept him on for about 10 minutes.

  6. Skeptical says:

    Got a call at 11:15PM from “David Washington” at PCH claiming I had won $2.5M and a 2016 S Class Mercedes Benz. Kept him on the line for 55 minutes jerking his chain. He had a few questions that I needed to answer to process the paperwork, a “T100 form”. I avoided giving any information, and I kept asking the same questions over and over. He admitted that he was from Trinidad (and sounded like it). He said I would have to go to Wal-Mart and get a receipt, but didn’t say for how much, “Mr. McKenzie” is supposed to call me in the morning, and I think I will have the local police at the house if he does call.

    1. JA says:

      Well, it is interesting. I’ve had the same person “David Washington” They call all the time with the same stories. They must think we don’t have memories.

  7. I have a voicemail still on my phone from someone claiming to be with PCH saying my number was randomly brought up for a $1.5 million prize. Even gave me a badge number and a call back number.

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