PCH Warns: Beware Of Publishers Clearing House Phone Scams!

Can you spot a Publishers Clearing House phone scam? Take this “quick quiz” and find out.

Imagine you’re at home and you get a call from someone who tells you he is from Publishers Clearing House. He says you have won $500,000.00, but in order to claim your prize, you first need to wire him a $300.00 delivery fee. What do you do?

A. Hang up!
B. Report this person to the authorities.
C. Wire him the money. After all, $500,000.00 is at stake!

I’m hoping that all of our PCH friends know that the correct answers are A and B ― NEVER C! And if you didn’t get the answer correct, then keep reading because this is very important.

PCH does not call our winners in advance. In fact, if you’re named a BIG PCH winner, you’ll find out when you open your door and see the Prize Patrol standing there holding a “Big Check” with YOUR NAME on it!

More importantly, PCH NEVER asks our winners for any money in order to claim a prize. It’s because the Publishers Clearing House name is so well known and trusted, that fraudsters use it to attempt to scam unsuspecting people out of money.

Just recently, an Arkansas woman received a call from a man claiming he was with Publishers Clearing House. He told her that she had won $1.5 million and a brand new car, but first she would have to pay a fee of $500.00 before she could receive the money and the car. Fortunately, this smart lady knew to call the police and not give the fraudster one cent!

Unfortunately, some seniors are not as lucky ― or as well informed.  Earlier this year an 80-year-old Chicago grandfather was conned out of several thousands of dollars by fraudulent criminals who claimed he had won $5 Million from Publishers Clearing House. The scammer repeatedly kept asking him to wire money for “shipping and handling and safe delivery.”

Don’t risk letting this happen to you. Remember these important A, B, C’s.

A. PCH awards are Absolutely free! Publishers Clearing House will NEVER ask you to pay to enter or collect a prize award.

B. PCH and our Prize Patrol will not Buzz you on the phone if you’ve won a SuperPrize!

C. Fraudsters may Claim to be with Publishers Clearing House ― but Call the authorities if you suspect any wrongdoing.

You can also call our Customer Service hotline at 1-800-392-4190 if you think someone is trying to scam you using the PCH name.

Protect yourself and stay safe!

Elaina R.
PCH Online Creative

82 thoughts on “PCH Warns: Beware Of Publishers Clearing House Phone Scams!”

  1. henry a velez sr says:

    i got a call this morning….876-482-7893……. wanted to know when he could meet the UPS truck at my door????????

  2. Aj says:

    Got a call from 623-432-3343 saying I was on the running for the million sweepstakes but needed to confirm my info!

  3. Dawn Clark says:

    Got a call today from 1-876-396-0673, asking if I was home to sign for my package. Since I didn’t enter a PCH sweepstakes, pretty sure this Mark Anderson person is a scammer. Didn’t ask me for money, though.

  4. David Schuette says:

    Called me this morning. (876) 598-6134 is the number they called me from.

  5. susan says:

    I had a call today from phone number 876-441-5074. As soon as I heard publishers clearinghouse come out of his mouth I said, “do you want me to report you or do you just want to hang up?” The response cannot be written but goes like you mother trucker. When I called the number back all I heard is singing, God awful singing. No chance on the voice or idol. Lol

  6. olivia says:

    IJust had a call fr,PCH named James Carter, He had like indian accent, He told me I’ve won 1.5 millon and a pearl white Mercedes benz in order to get my winnings I have to pay the shipping and handling for $250.00.I yelled at him ,told him this is a scam and he handed the phone to his manager named Charles..I yelled at him too. and he hung up..told me I am not listening..

  7. Rob says:

    Here is a point regarding proving they are who they claim. My wife said to this Jamaican fellow, “What is my name, then? If I have won something, you surely have my information in front of you.” He hung up.

  8. Chuck McCullick says:

    It’s that time of year, oh yes it is. They just called my son’s cell phone. Number the call came from is 1 876 420 2716 and his name is Mark Meyers is the caller and that Mary Brown is the attorney. If you look Mary Brown is an attorney but there’s several across the country. Also the guy on the phone had a pretty strong accent. We looked it up while on the phone with him and told him what we found, PCH if free and NEVER asks for award fee’s. Told him that and he completely ignored it. We did call PCH and give them the info. We’ll probably never win but don’t want to tarnish their reputation and have people get defrauded in their name.

    1. lena Naylor says:

      i got a call today as well 1-876-776-2404 but i had to call his mananger William Brown apparently, i won money and a new car. The guys name was ben thomas and said i won because i spent more than $20 at wallgreens and fred meyers and walmart – that i am automatically entered into this sweepstakes.

  9. bobbutta says:

    I got a call from a moron from —???jamacia..?…lol….so I told him just send the Mercedes to my house…u have my address right?…..he hung up…..maybe I should call the police…? or who?….luv to see him arrested…that would warm my soul…

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