36 thoughts on “ThisOrThat”

  1. Jen says:

    I would love a kitchen makeover! We live in an older home and I have started to experiment more with cooking! My kitchen just doesn’t work and I would love to make it more user family so I can create fun foods for my family and clients!

  2. Stephanie Carlisle says:

    I would love to have makeover kitchen or the bedroom – Thank you!!!

  3. GOOD MORNING PCH.BLOG! I WOULD NEED BADLY THE BEDROOM DUE TO YEARS without.a good bed. Plus have health issues and bed is very very old! Also good luck to all!

  4. Kathy Tate says:

    Wrong years… Please take me out of my early 70′s kitchen.

  5. Kathy Tate says:

    I’ve dream of a Kitchen Remodel… Please take me out of my early 80′s kitchen.
    ☮☮ Peace*Family &☮☮

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