A Debate Between The PCH Prize Patrol & Santa

As Christmas approaches I always remember a long-form TV commercial idea that some advertising colleagues cooked up for PCH but which never got produced.  It parodied the debates seen on “crossfire” talk shows and featured me – as head of the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol arguing with Santa Claus as to who has the better job.  The debate was to go something like this:

Moderator:  In this chair we have Dave Sayer of the PCH Prize Patrol.  And in this chair we have someone who needs absolutely no introduction: Santa Claus himself.  Hello to both of you and welcome to this special holiday edition of “PCH Bloggers Want to Know.”   Obviously, you both make the homes you visit happier places.  But are their “downsides” to the job?  Let me start with you, Santa.

Santa:  Well, yes, there are months of hard work in advance of Christmas Eve – in the frigid North Pole!  I have to read millions of pieces of mail with long lists of goodies that people want.

Dave:  Actually Santa, we have something in common there.  Millions of people want to win our sweepstakes, and the processing of all the entries is a big job – but worth it considering the joy that is evident in the “winning moments” you see on TV.  Just imagine winning $5,000 A Week “Forever”! That’s $5,000.00 a week for life AND after that, payments would continue on to a special someone the “Forever” winner chooses for their life!

Santa:  Yes, I’ve seen those winner reactions on TV.  Alas, I’m gone by Christmas morning when the gifts are opened, so I don’t see the reactions in person.  Darn it!  In some ways I’d rather have your job, Dave.  You get to ride in a temperature-controlled Prize Patrol van rather than in an airborne, winter-chilled, open sleigh.  And you make your entrance through a welcoming front door rather than through a cold, sooty chimney.  Let’s face it: a chimney just doesn’t work for roses, balloons and a Big Check!

Dave:  You’re right, Santa.  But it’s rare that our winner is a child squealing with delight.  Sometimes I’d prefer that to those winners who collapse into my arms, even though that might make an entertaining “winning moment” on TV.

Santa:  But Dave, you get to share Prize Patrol champagne with the lucky winners.  More often I get cookies and cocoa that’s been cooling for hours.  And you don’t have to get all your deliveries done in one night!

Dave:  True, Santa.  PCH delivers prizes daily through our websites — plus we give away lots of big cash prizes throughout the year.

Moderator:  We’ve got to wrap it up now, gentlemen.  Do you have a closing comment, Dave?

Dave:  Just this: ENTER the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes at once!  Just click here!

Moderator:  Good advice Dave. And, Santa, I’ll let you have the last word.

Santa:  All things considered, I’ll keep my job.  Ho, ho, ho!  I just want to wish everyone out there a blessed holiday season and a very Happy New Year!

Hope you enjoyed this “mock” debate! Wishing you the best of luck and a very happy holidays!

Dave Sayer
PCH Prize Patrol Ambassador

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Michaela G. said...

Thank you Dave Sayer, PCH Prize Patrol Ambassador for won of the best letters ever!!!

I did write Santa this year and ask for something’s that I know I will not get because they are two big of a gift for Santa to get me and so I just keep on entering PCH because you never know unless you enter, so I try everyday in hopes that my number will be picked!!! ;-) I really feel that you are Santa for all the Adults out there that enters everyday, like my self, in hopes to win one day. I know I feel this way everyday!!! I really hope you stay at this job for a very long time to come, because for me you are the face of PCH or the Santa Clause of PCH, and Todd and Danielle are your helpers!!! I still think you have the best job ever, but I am sure it is time consuming and tiring for all of you after a while with the long trips around the country and all, but I would think it is so very exciting giving away all that money!!! WOW!!! It just takes my breath away just thinking about your job!!!

I really like your letter to all of us and it is funny how you are similar and so different from Santa Clause, but for me, I think you are one in the same Mr. Dave Sayer!!!

I hope you and all the people at PCH have a very Happy Holiday!!!

Teddy Newsome said...

PCH prize control can be my Santa this year!!

Kanika Loeung said...

I wish to meet a fake Santa later in Feb 28th!:)

Roma Sue Noffsinger said...

Dave Sayer is going to Help Santa,this year..It’s going to be a Gift,that Santa give Dave the Job to Deliever..By Giving Some Lucky Winner that Big Check..So they would Have the Biggest Surprize of there Life and Make all There Dream’s come True..That a Wonderful and Fantasy Christmas Gift..

Helen Arguello said...

I first of all would like to wish all joyus and Happy and Save Hilidays. I read the Blog.First It seemed like Santa was complaining.AndbI thoght how sad.Then Mr.Dave expressed how much he loved being the one of the PCH Prize Patrol Ambasadors. Then he spoke about Winners fainting in his.arms, how he didnt.get to see chidrens faces full of delight ! I say if you look for joy from in your Heart and believe you will find the inner child in you and the true meaning of sharing and giving and touching others Hearts !. I would love to be in your position or Santas. So dont complain ! Find the Child inside you and give thanks that you are able to give and change things for the better.I wont be seeing Santa this year. But hopefully He got a message to you Mr. Dave PCH Prize Patrol.He knows I need and Want to be aLucky PCH Millionare. So I may spread some Cheer just as both of you have been blessed with the joy to do.God Bless Mr.Dave& Santa.

Courtney Beck said...

I really enjoyed this. Hopefully you guys will take a long hard look at my name and make me the next winner of a BIG CHECK! I love you all at PCH. God Bless you guys and hope you all have a splended holiday season! Love you guys!

Marianne Clay said...

That was cute!!!

Shirley Murphy said...

When I was a child I believed Santa was all in all the very best. But now that I am grown I think the Prize patrol hit the top of my list of wanting to come to my house with their white sleigh and Dave.

Eugenia Baltaru said...

Good morning Mr. Dave! I, like you, I talked to Santa. It was sad .. Why? It was sad seeing my letter. “It had to be one full of desires,” he replied, puzzled. Written between the lines there’s Santa, tell stories to my last year till now .. as we decorated the tree crying with memories that last year was still a tree with my sister (who even though he was sick, live) …., Oh, I miss and hurt. I have filled whole pages telling him what I want for Christmas Santa, but I did not write but a line or two, about my desire: “This year .. Do not worry too much. I want to illuminate my path and mind and guide me how to do it can accept … Santa Claus when you’re there, surrounded by cold and lonely, but going from year to year by “our world” have not seen a child in her arms clutching her father, an adoring mother and child, sister and parents every moment plingand loss a very nice person? I’m thinking I respond, I would say this: “I need power to survive!”
Yes Sir Dave, that we talked and I asked Santa … and you ask, thread horses I have a drop of hope. to do a miracle to help me out of my misery of mind and matter.
As you can see I have “shared tasks” Santa I chose for the soul and you, with the material.
I wish with all my heart all a blessed and happy Christmas!!!

susan rogers said...

I thought it was cute… And my daughter (Laura), which is 7 would definately “squeal with delight” if you came to our house. lol

Eugenia Baltaru said...

Hello Sir Dave … And I, like you, I talked to Santa Claus, was sad … Why? For read my letter, in which he wrote I decorated the tree crying, as last year we adorn my sister who still lived (even though he was very sick)…
Read my wish: first of all, I want health care for everyone. Not endure to see sick people around me, people who are struggling to catch a few hours of life. If you really are Christmas miracles, I would like to order a miracle for all those in distress.Oh … I miss and hurts!
That was the wish for Santa Claus and the material leave it in “charge” you, and what they want is to be able to get out of poverty, it can help my niece who was left alone.
I wish everyone a blessed and happy Christmas and good health!

Diana Hanlon said...

Dave, Sanat is rigth you do more then santa but I will make sure you get a cookie and coco when you show up at my door and my grandson is waiting for you so come on down make sure you have your custom ready for him.

Patrisha Draughn said...

PCH.com can be my Santa all year long every year because ya never know when one of your entries will be chosen as a winner ! Plus ask yourself …. Who has better gifts Santa or PCH.com ? Obviously PCH.com wins that by a land slide ! Sorry Santa but your no match for PCH.com…. They will always get my vote ! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays David Sayers and all at PCH.com Headquarters and your families. I’m never giving up and I been playingfor years and years, from age 18 now 64 and still hoping !!!! God bless !

julia justice said...

`hi dave yes it is christmas time so wrap it up fore me. and come to my door.as always have a merry merry christmas. and a happy new year. celebrating jesus birthday.on 12/25/12/ time is 12:18 pm. sincerely. julia justice. long time friend

Michael Rolle said...

Mr Dave Sayer Sir, I Know YOU Was the REAL Santa, all along you’ve Proven it you’re Like the Robin Leach of PCH Prizes An Dreams coming True!

larry lawson said...

PEACE,AND HOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Delayne Perry said...

HO HO HO !!! Dave Sayer! If you should be ‘my’ (real life) Santa this year, would you wrap Lucky in gold and put a big red bow on his chest so I can save the bow and rip off the wrap? Oh yes!! and Richy Banks can be wrapped in silver with a blue bow! Sure would be my HO HO HOPES fulfilled! :)

Maria Celia Hernandez said...

Mr. Dave
Good day,
Today is the saddes day. Like last years no Christmas this year. Thanks for the Debate it put a little smile on my face and a hope that even if there is Christmas or no Christmas, my wishes for all the children of this world.Still in my mind . I wish then the Best of health and love the rest of their lives.I wish you all a great Cristmas rain or shine . MCH 12-20-2012

Lauralee Hensley said...

I enjoyed it. I think you both should keep your jobs and keep spreading joy like you both do.

Muliyani Made said...

An interesting conversation especially with respect to fortune. Although I am from a different room but due to participate in an event here, hopefully this can give fate a blessing for my life. Thank you.

Allen Choy said...

You certainly have some talented writers…It should have been produced for television. Although, I have to say, for any Blog Readers the visualization of the script read worked just as well and was a good sharing…I do have 3 new “Furry Sherpa’s” that happen to be my Grandchildren that are with me that would certainly fall into your arms. They notice my Play Time and asked the other day what would we do if you won? My reply was “Hawaii”, “Private School” (Particularly Star of the Sea), and then Law School. Would have to buy back my Parents old house on Poli Hale Place on Coco Head since we have lost them and it was a good place with lots of memories with good Ju Ju. I was the only sibling that would not leave Alaska when they moved there but visited often. So cider for the kids and champagne for the adults with an un-sooted check, flowers, balloons, and dinner at Kansha “Happa” first in Anchorage Japanese/Hawaiian food restaurant(Happa is the Hawaiian term for the mixed breed). Then they hit the books and I hit the beach. My little ones can be seen at ***enjoying Walrus Sushi:) YuuuMMMMM!!! Merry Christmas!!!!

Amy Solly said...

Christmas is the time for giving and sharing. Dave does well more than his share of giving..and gets paid for it too…how sweet is that! Merry Christmas Dave~ and to all of you at PCH.

Sharon Scott said...

Dear Dave,

I really enjoyed the blog today. Wishing you and your family a Very Merry Christmas. Best wishes for a blessed New Year!

terry snider said...

i been playing for an awful long time and havent won yet hope i win soon

Janella Franklin said...

While I would love to see both Santa on the 25 Dec and the Prize Patrol on 28 Feb. That would be a dream come true as I am sure it would be for so many others. If I had but one Christmas wish this year I would not use that wish on myself. I would wish that in light of the horrible event that happen with those twenty little babies. I would wish for those parents, family, and friends to be able to find peace this season. If one of them did enter to win I pray that one of them would win it won’t even begin to erase the pain they are feeling. Maybe for just a moment it would put a smile on their face or lighten a burden that they don’t need right now. I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and that someone will get the winning number. May God bless each and everyone of you.

Frank Wiles said...

Merry Chrisymas PCH

Deborah Lamash said...

Happy Holidays everyone~~~

Deborah Lamash said...

Happy Holidays everyone~~

mary stoops said...

im a grandmother of two small boys whos christmas wish is for a home of their own with their mother who is homeless they stay with me most the time so my chistmas wish is i get blessed this year so i can give them that home they need so badly

Herbert Asbury said...

That would be an interesting debate!