Sneak A Peek At PCH’s Innovative Product Promotion Showcase!

Pssst! Can you keep a “secret”? Just recently, PCH presented an exclusive, employee-only showcase featuring the company’s most innovative product promotions of 2012, and you’ve got to hear the details!

But before I spill the beans, I have to ask… Did you buy anything from PCH this year? If so, you probably wondered how our already fabulous products could look even better — but they did!

I mean, the jewelry was sparkling, the cookware was shimmering, and the food was so tempting you could almost eat it off the printed page or computer screen! Well that was no accident. In fact, there were some very cool techniques used to make all of the items look and sound as good on paper and online as they do in real life — and EVERYTHING WAS REVEALED in this innovative product promotion showcase.

So, here’s the scoop:

Special Photography. Unique camera angles and dramatic lighting can accentuate an item’s character, while unusual props add interest. Jewelry, for example, was photographed this year with everything from rolled-up ribbons to pieces of driftwood. And in one case, a necklace was draped over the side of a beautiful vase.

Digital Magic. Did you know… With just a few computer clicks, you can drop a bottle of body lotion into a pool of water, shine a lantern into a starry night sky, or park a 1:18 scale die-cast replica truck in front of a charming farmhouse. It’s finishing touches like these that set the mood for PCH merchandise in 2012 by illustrating the functions, features, and realism of each item.

Lovable Spokespersons. Nothing sells a product like the testimonial of somebody who’s used it! That’s why PCH has Dorothy Stevens (PCH Food Stylist),  Kate Everett (Product Director), and Maryann Hart (Associate Creative Director) to try things out. They only recommended their favorite products this year, from pots and pans to stunning jewelry, and they happen to be genuinely nice people (I actually know them!).

Clever Writing. It’s not enough just to list features. You have to paint a vivid picture that helps customers imagine themselves enjoying the merchandise. And the right words can make all the difference! Take PCH’s gourmet treats, for example. Their descriptions were all about the joy of escape:

“Drift Away in Chocolate Bliss” (English Toffee Caramels)
“Taste Pure Luxury” (Chocolate-Covered Cherry Cordials)
“A Sweet Stroll Down Memory Lane” (Boardwalk Crunch)

Well, there you have it. A lot of work went into keeping PCH merchandise fresh, interesting and exciting in 2012. Thankfully, the response from loyal customers has been awesome (even though they didn’t have to buy to enter our sweepstakes)! But don’t take my word for it. Sign up to get FREE PCH bulletins at  and see the merchandise for yourself! Or you can start shopping right now by clicking here!

Now you might be wondering… “who are you and how do you know all of this?” The truth is, I’m a spy working on the inside under an assumed name and — (just kidding!!!). I’m actually one of the writers fortunate enough to have brainstormed some of these exciting techniques. And I’m looking forward to working on even more thrilling offers in 2013!

Stay tuned! The best is yet to come…

Fred P.
PCH Creative

P.S. I’m really curious… did you order from PCH in 2012? Comment below and let us know how you enjoyed the experience.


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