10 thoughts on “12_26_Danielle”

  1. Delores Bell says:

    Hi, I have been playing this game for years and I haven’t won are you’ll for real? I need to get out of debt I don’t want this to fall on my kids it’s not fare I am in my six’s I need to win befor it’s all over.please let me win soon. thanks.

  2. Hello my number 520 474-6578

  3. brittanysusmilch says:

    Hi my names Brittany Susmilch an iv been playing on here for awhile have I won by chance?

  4. Linda Washington says:

    she play the right part of this team you go girl.

  5. Tiki Pearce says:

    Y. I would like to be next! However can someone please fix the technical errors on PCH games it is most frustrating not being able to complete all games.
    Have a great New Year everyone at PCH.

    1. Jussie At PCH Jussie At PCH says:

      Tiki, what are you having difficulties with?

  6. Melicia Batts says:

    A Miracle

  7. Melicia Batts says:

    Deal or no Deal,

    I want to win a life changing amount of cash, Bring me a check PCH

  8. pick me i will love to win

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