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  1. I am sick of hearing others hardluck stories.Not being rude,but it is just that I am 50 yrs old.Fighting cancer for the 3rd(and am told will be final)time in my life.Have 2 kids 1 just got divorced because her husband could not use discretion,and the other has to go out on a riverboat for up to 8 weeks at a time to support his wife and their family.I have 2 grandchildren that my wife has almost 24 x 7 and a 52 hour a week job to try and keep food on the table.When I die it will be impossible without some miracle.PCH could save us 2,but we all know this is a scam that target hopes of people just like me.If I were ever blessed by the good LORD I would help others to,but like all of you,I would help my own first.

  2. I would love to win and share my winnings for those in need . This would be the perfect time to do just that. I do have a generous heart and concern for my fellow man.

    Ramona Ramsey

  3. PRIZE PAtTROL I really want to win I would love to see you all at my door ror a Milionaire Making Opportunity I’m searching an I’m in it to wIn it hope to see you all soon

  4. Oh my goodness I don’t know what to say other than please help! lol….I know that you guy’s have no control over who wins but my small family and i could really use the money! My husband and I struggle everyday. We have Two small children Hannah 3 she will be 4 in Nov. my son Haven 1 Who will 2 in Jan. and we absolutely no support system with our families and we have a third on the way due on dec 30th 2013 so needless to say that not only do i play everyday and this is the first thing that i do when i wake up in the morning, If i do not play every single thing on pch.com lol i fill like i am mising out or will never have a proper chance. My husband thinks that i am absolutely crazy he does not think that this is real and often makes me feel so silly for believing. I wish, hope, and prey that we win this year one of the grand prizes sweepstakes No. 1830 so that i can make a believer out of him and laugh so hard at him because we are having such a hard time right now with all of these bills lol we can not even afford for me to go to work right now because of the cost of everything lol….i would just be working for daycare expenses and gas money. PCH I play everyday and yes I am a believer i feel that you are real and i just want the chance to take care of my family, bring great things to our economy, welcome our new child to a debt free home, and make a believer out of my husband because he just thinks that this is such a waste of my time and i can not lie because he says it so much sometimes i kind of start to believe him a little i never give up hope i continue to play everyday in hopes that you will show up at my door with all of my hopes and dreams! Again i know that you do not have control over whom may win but i just thought i would also share a funny story. Have a great day everyone, and to all contestants i wish you the best because it is very hard out here for everyone take it from someone who truly understands your struggles! Have a great day.

  5. If i would win anything from PCH i would help out everyone atleast once some will be helped twice. Grandma always said to help others out and not to worry about yourself.This is why i don’t worry about anything. Ya all take care & please be safe, Luann