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  1. I Mary Billups have been trying to activate my code for two hours could not complete. W71 Notice

  2. Lori scurlock says:

    I have a code pc253

  3. Pauline Faison says:

    Pauline Faison I also got a code but I can’t get it to go in as accepting have tride to put it in several time and the deadline is tomarrow 3/31/2015.

  4. sarah brierley says:

    sarah brierley activation code is pc252

    1. curtis johnson says:

      this is a hoax theirs a woman on your site that has the samew number I have on my card pc252 whats up with that? name sarah brierly has the same number

  5. Here is my activation code pc239 and on green card SW257 Gail Wilbanks

  6. says:

    I have an activation code NO. PCH 255 where do I put it ? this happens to me everytime, I write a reply but never get back an answer from you people gets me
    wondering something it not right, just trying to fool people, I wonder if I will get a reply this time

  7. James Mc Elwee says:

    I can not find any site that will accept my activation code: PC258. Can you get it activate for me

  8. Suzanne Day says:

    I just got my activation card today > my notice has been damaged in the mail It only has two numbers.Please contact me.

  9. Lynn Wright says:

    I have a letter with #293555417

  10. nestor a. lopez says:

    activation code pc239/please enter my number

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