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  1. Takemma Shelby says:

    I’m here to get authorization for my code v3080

  2. Gary Pecoraro says:

    Activate PC252 Winning! Generate codes & Numbers “Forever” For Life! Pch “Forever” Dream of a Life Time! Won’t You Reconsider? Please!…

  3. Gary Pecoraro says:

    V3080 Activated “Forever” For Life! Pch I’d Love To Win! Thx PCH! Introduced.

  4. Gary Pecoraro says:

    Pch Please enter My Code V3080 Activate!

  5. What if i don’t receive a post card with code

  6. acia says:

    acia says entering my activation code #V-3080

  7. darlene says:

    entering my activation code # V-3080. Thank you.

  8. Berdena Rogers says:

    I would like to win I am to old for things to be so hard I have no job I keep looking I get my hopes up sometime but every thing dont always work out .I have alot of people praying for me as well as myself hopefuly someday I can be back in the real world if I win I really need the help putting me back ware I belong. Thanks so much Berdena Rogers!

  9. Susan says:

    This would be a big blessing , husband flighting cancer , daughter is engaged, no money for a wedding , her dad would love to see her get married , this money would be a gift from God and a wonderful blessing . Good luck:) God bless V3080 Amen

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