New Year, New YOU! PCH Sweepstakes Can Make It Happen!

I hope everyone had a great New Year! I rang it in with my buddies at the local bowling alley. The next morning, my Facebook feed was filled with resolutions and articles about them. You know how that saying goes…”new year, new you!” Well many people were making that come true! I read about friends who were going to start making healthier habits the norm. Exercising more, stopping smoking, and eating better were repeated throughout the newsfeed. Many people were taking the change of the New Year as a chance to start a new chapter of their lives.
I reflected on years past and as to what 2013 would bring. Back in 2008, I was a stressed out lady. I was working three jobs. Then, a major change occurred. The Prize Patrol came to Northwest Ohio looking to hand over a really Big Check to me from the PCH Sweepstakes. Trust me, it was LIFE changing.
When I won the $1 Million SuperPrize in August of 2008, it opened up so many opportunities. For one, I dropped two of my three jobs. My husband Scott and I knocked out our debt, donated some funds to local charities and built our dream home. We went from a small trailer to a two-story home that Scott designed. I had definitely started a new chapter in my own life.

Our Old Trailer

Our New Home

Now my vision is focused forward. This past year I created a new chapter by studying for my Ohio Health and Life Insurance License. (Did I pass? Read about it all here!)

The PCH Sweepstakes really let me become a brand new ME! And it can do the same for you, too — especially if you win the $5,000 a Week “Forever” Prize! (Can you believe that if you win, you’d receive $5,000 A Week for your life, plus after that, $5,000 a week for the life of someone you choose!) It’s a new year, and that could mean a new you, but first you have to enter the PCH Sweepstakes! Do it every chance you get!


Natalie Bostelman
2008 SuperPrize Winner
PCH Goodwill Ambassador

P.S. Remember, you can follow me on Twitter -@NatalieatPCH and you can ‘friend’ me on Facebook on my PCH profile, “Natalie Bostleman” . You can also follow Dave, Danielle and Todd as well! It’s the best way to stay informed about what’s going on prize wise.

23 thoughts on “New Year, New YOU! PCH Sweepstakes Can Make It Happen!”

  1. carla m Antee says:

    New.York I make it Happen

  2. Congratulations Natalie! You are very blessed!

    It would be an unbelievable blessing to win because I live a few thousand dollars below the federal poverty level. If I won, the first thing that I would do is pay for my mother’s back operation that she cannot afford. My mother has Peripheral neuropathy and lives in pain every day. She had to quit her job that she loved because she could not do it anymore because of the disease. Instead of getting married in a courthouse, my fiancé and I would able to have a beautiful wedding that we will never get to have. I would love to be able to afford to adopt my adorable stepson. And Instead of putting off having children, my fiancé and I would be able to have kids. I would continue to put myself through college and maintain my 4.0 gpa and I would use the money to pay off my fiancés and my student loans.

  3. Awesome Natalie! I am next too with just $100,000.00!

  4. Delayne Perry says:

    Hi Natalie!
    Yup… I remember seeing the video taped from your winning moment. I laughed cuz you ‘were floored!’
    Love your big new home and it’s wonderful that you give back to PCH like you do! Blessings to you!

  5. Qamar scego says:

    Sorry I meant on your accomplishment.

  6. Qamar scego says:

    Natalie, I am so happy for you. Your new home is very beautiful. Congrats on our accomplishment , and I hope I win on feb 28.

  7. We wanna win $5,000 a week for life!

  8. Joye Hamilton says:

    Hello Natalie, Glad to hear You & Scott had a blast starting out the New Year! Many Happy Days 2 U Both in 2013!

    1. Natalie Bostelman says:

      Thank you, Joye, and the same to you. 🙂

      GOOD LUCK!

      Natalie Bostelman
      2008 SuperPrize Winner
      PCH Goodwill Ambassador

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