Look Where The PCH Prize Patrol Is Now!

Is it just me or is the PCH Prize Patrol EVERYWHERE lately?!?

I mean for starters, there’s the Prize Patrol trips. And boy are there a lot of those! 2012 ended with a bang when Dave, Todd and Danielle delivered the GIGANTIC $1.25 Million PCHlotto Jackpot to Gerard Rivera! And the gang didn’t waste any time in 2013 – just a few days ago they delivered their first prize of the year, a cool $25,000 cash, to Bonnie Wines. And as everyone knows, they’re gearing up for the HUGE $5,000 A Week “Forever” Prize Event on February 28th! Remember, someone could win $5,000 every week for life, plus after that, $5,000 a week for the life of someone they choose!

But that’s not all! When they’re not delivering prizes, the PCH Prize Patrol has been busy giving away even more money on popular game shows like The Price Is Right and Let’s Make A Deal. And let’s not forget last week’s appearance on Family Feud.

But I’m still not done…the PCH Prize Patrol has popped up somewhere else recently, too, and this one is REALLY cool! They’re on their very own billboard on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood! Check it out below!!!!!

I just LOVE this billboard, especially because it gets me so excited about who the Prize Patrol will surprise NEXT! What do YOU think of the billboard? Does it make you excited that the next place the Prize Patrol pops up could be YOUR house? Comment below!

Amanda C., PCH Creative

Amanda C.

PCH Creative

P.S. Practice rounds for this month’s PCHGames 3-Point Shootout Tournament are ON! Check out today’s Play & Win blog for more details!


130 thoughts on “Look Where The PCH Prize Patrol Is Now!”

  1. julioibarra says:

    I want to win in Hialeah Florida November 25 I want to have a change and have a beautiful life cause I am a great person to help my family with a new car and fix my apartment up I want to change and lose weight

  2. christopher hoskins says:

    I would really love to have the prize patrol pull up to my place then I would have had allmy dreams come true to kno how to look foward to the next day worry free!

  3. julioibarra says:

    My name is Julio Ibarra I am from Hialeah Florida I enter the contest I am here to win show my family support and love and buy a new car for my mom I wish my day will come true I want to enter and win this contest

  4. lakeshia says:

    i would thank the lord and let my girls know that we no longer be homeless.

  5. it would be a dream come true I’d be on happy mom a I sure need a blessing I’m ready to spoil my babys

  6. wallace haynes says:

    yeah it would be nice if the prize patrol would come to my house in alabama

  7. come to my house my driveway is open

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