60 thoughts on “1_14_Billboard”

  1. alan says:

    Please help me. Make me happy.Alan. went are you coming to see Me

  2. Linda says:

    Waiting on you guys in Thomasville NC! It’s been along 12 years of entering ready for a win!!

  3. sara davis says:

    Come see me in Milwaukee we all love to have u to are nice house hope to see u out side I’ll be looking

  4. Tony Montoya says:

    Hope your coming this way oh lord know’s we might use this blessing financially to help my new family Colorado here u come if the Lord willing whoever gets it though may the Lord continue to train his blessings on Ur family and life

  5. Richard Perry says:

    No one knows the hour or the day when this blessing will appear.

  6. Gwy#4900 gwy#4902 gwy#4950 gwy#3577 thank you again I love to hear I’m the winner of PCH sweepstakes

  7. Lori says:

    Come to me baby,..PCH! Lol Let me be the one!! Pretty please??

  8. lois says:

    Hope you are heading towards sunny vista California

  9. Sandra Wymer says:

    Hey prize patrol this is Sandra Wymer had to move I am at 6555 boulder hwy so if your looking for me that’s where I am!!! Just saying lol!!!

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