First Big Check of 2013 Delivered By PCH Prize Patrol!

Hi everyone, it’s Danielle Lam of the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol, and I’m writing to you with some exciting news.  What better way is there to start a new year other than to make someone’s dreams come true in the form of a Publishers Clearing House Big Check?  There isn’t!

The excitement and adrenaline rush in anticipation of award days is always there….BUT with this being the FIRST award of the New Year  it seemed to be magnified!  On the morning of January 10th I was on the road awarding the FIRST Big Check of 2013 and I couldn’t wait. If you followed hints and clues on my PCH Prize Patrol Fan Page  or here on the blog, you probably already know that the big $25,000.00 winner was Bonnie Wines from Fairdale Kentucky.  From the photos I’m sure you can tell that she was a great PCH winner full of joy and excitement, but I’m sure you’re going to enjoy this winner even more when you hear about the whole winning moment and her story.


Bonnie is a loyal PCH fan that has been entering the PCH sweepstakes for years. While she didn’t necessarily believe she ever would win, there was some part of her that never gave up hope….and that persistence certainly paid off big!  Luckily her daughter Tinya lived less than 5 minutes away. We decided it would be fun to surprise her too, so Bonnie called and told her to come over because she wanted her to see something. Little did Tinya know that her mother just won $25,000! When Tinya arrived she was SHOCKED and THRILLED for her mother and said: “My mother really deserves this after the hard year she had last year.” We soon learned that last year was extremely hard for Bonnie and her family. Sadly, Bonnie had a series of serious surgeries that were very scary. The good news is that Bonnie has been recovering extremely well.  NOW 2013 started off with a great deal of LUCK that hopefully will continue on for her and her family!


Another fun part of this winning moment was the fact that Bonnie lived in an apartment building so the neighbors were there to experience the surprise, too!  One neighbor was in complete shock! Lester Gibson lived in the apartment next to Bonnie and also has been entering the sweepstakes for years. He was absolutely thrilled that he was able to see the REAL Prize Patrol surprising his friend with a Big Check. Lester said “No way, I can’t believe it!” He didn’t hesitate to run inside his apartment to get HIS entries and bring them to the mailbox!


How would YOU react if you saw a neighbor being surprised by the PCH Prize Patrol?  Even better, how would YOU react if the Prize Patrol surprised YOU?  Don’t miss your chance…go to now to enter.  You never know, I may be showing up at your door one day!  Best of luck everyone.


Danielle Lam
PCH Prize Patrol Elite


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Mechale Cole said...

Congratlations Bonnie Wines I am so happy for you

Deborah Lamash said...

Bonnie , it`s great that your surgeries went well and you`ve been recovering nicely,congratulations on your win! hope you and your daughter enjoy~~God Bless…
It so nice to hear when people win, can`t help to smile and cry with them, I too never believe I will win,the odds are so big, it always someone else, but I keep hoping and praying and try to stay positive, have to, the day your awarding the prize I`ll be taking my GED test! At 50 years old, after losing my job in the first step for a new career change….Maybe one day I will be that someone else, if it is 5,000. or 1 million I think if you came to my door, I would pass out! ( I have my fingers crossed!)

Nina Englemon said...

I would be excited and happy for my neighbor, however, I have to say, I would love to see you’ll at my door step. Needless to say, i would cry like a baby with tears of joy either way!!!!

maria estrella baccay platecki said...

congrats to bonnie wines you desrved it i am very proud to you,your such a lucky woman,i am gonna jump for joy,happinness,tears.i wish i could be.good luck to every one and may the lord god bless.alaways be positive,believer,happy,lucky,smart,silly,honest,faithfull and have faith in god.he alwasy be there for us.who ever who win in this event congrats your suck a lucky like john wyllie

julia justice said...

hi pch i would love to see you at my home. i would be very happy to see pch prize patrol. it would be joyful to know that i finally made it. i have been trying to win since 1996. sincerely. julia justice on this day. 1/ 15/ 13. and the time is.12:21p.m.

Karen Shelton said...

Danielle, I say to myself it’s really true, it’s really true, I won, the expression on my face would be like Ms Doris the day she won, I would be shaking all over and then give a big hug to you, Dave and Todd. See you in February, looking forward to giving you all a big hug. Nashville,Tn (Donelson)

Joye Hamilton said...

Hello Danielle & The “Busy” PCH Prize Patrol Elite Team!

What a wonderful way to start 2013 for Bonnie Wines! A big congrats to her! :)

Now you asked, “what would you do…” Well, 1st you’d have to wait for me to stop hyperventilating! Then you’d have to pick me up, as I’d probably drop to me knees from the shock of it all! Then you’d have to wait a few moments while I hugged everyone’s necks! THEN, I’d take a few big deep breaths & try to take it all in ~ and thank God that at least 1 of my entries made it through!

Since my laptop is quite old, I don’t get to enter everyday or stay on for very long when I do. The darn thing starts to make whirring & screeching sounds after about an hour or so & sometimes I just have to turn it off & wait until the next day!

Well, You asked & that’s probably what I’d do if You & The PCH Prize Patrol Elite Team came to visit me in OKC! :D

Danielle, You & the Rest of the PCH Prize Patrol Elite Team Stay Warm & Safe As You travel Throughout 2013! ;)

Ta Ta For Now & Best Regards, Joye H. OKC, OK

Diana Hanlon said...

Concragulation Bonnie you don’t live to far from me nice to see someone win in Kentucy hope I get to be next .

mike bemce said...

pch games is a joke

julia justice said...

hi pch and Bonnie congratulations on our winning Bonnie that is good news so glad you recovering frmm your surgery. god is allways good and he will allway,s be there. sincerely. julia justice. on this day.1/15/13. time is 3:22p.m.

Joye Hamilton said...

Good Day Danielle,
1st, :) Hip Hip Hooray to Bonnie Wines for her wonderful win! And it was especially sweet that her daughter got to see her Mom be a big PCH winner!

You asked what would I do, if it were me winning…

1st you’d have to give me a bag to deep breathe in to stop my hyperventilating!

2nd You’d have to help me up, as I’d probably buckle at the knees.

And 3rd, you’d have to wait a moment or 2 before showing me “the big check” ~ cause I’d be “neck hugging” the lot of you!

And Finally, There’s NOTHING anyone could do to Wipe A Smile Off Of My Face :D

Also, I’d be most grateful that at least 1 of my entries was selected! Since my old laptop starts to make whirring & screeching sounds after it’s been on for about an hour or so!

Danielle, Here’s wishing You safe and warm travels as You and the PCH Prize Patrol Elite Team go out & about in 2013! :D

Best Regards,
Joye H. OKC,OK

Ricardo Williams said...

$25000 is perfect. Anymore than that could be shockingly fatal for someone her age God forbid. And honestly, if I saw my neighbor win, I’d have a range of emotions. Gladness but at the same time I’d be saturated in jealousy and envy, just like anyone else c’mon. It would only last a short time though. I’ll cry then I’ll get over it and keep moving… And maybe I’d ask for money or just “something” to help me financially because to win Big and not give to those in need would be very selfish and have a person in a MUCH worse condition in every way possible. If I win Big, I’d probably hire a couple bodyguards and I’d move away that same day! Definitely a pleasant surprise for all my present and future haters. WAY too much attention to just stay in the same neighborhood. Giving is Living.

maria estrella baccay platecki said...

oops wrong grammar i am very sorry instead i put letter h i put k omg my keyboard is broken.i dont know whats going on to my keyboard please i apologize again what happened to my grammar.good luck and god bless you pch blog i apologize the wromg grammar this is an accident my keyboard is broken.

Ricardo Williams said...

Just kidding, I’m so impulsive and boisterous.

Beverly Pippin said...

BeverlyAnn be thy name
To how might I presume
Against shadows through’st
awakened calls
Which turnip nor beakon;
to definetions of whom doth speaketh
hath silence shifted deep awareness,
tongues of a
sacred sharedness,
for yet not a poke
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Lyrically astounding by far
tips nearness
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thoughts occur
become what is
faint upon thus
hand to wrist
resist or Give
keep or dismiss
wither won Gave
both spout brave
brussel sprout
Im out
righteous made

    Joye Hamilton said...

    Hello Beverly,
    Here’s A Short Poem 4 U :D

    Not gonna judge or make a fuss…with your words all scrambled are you in tune with us?

    Although quite human you may be…the point of your writing not many can see!

    At 6 in the morning you shouldn’t type…until you’ve had your coffee & a breakfast bite.

    Warm Regards ^_^, JH

Christine Greener said...

I look forward to seeing you at my door. Thanks! :)

Brian Martin said...

congrats on your 25000dollar winners check

Stancio Butler said...

Congratlations Bonnie Wines of Fairdale,Kentucky as a very big $25,000.00 prize patrol winner of last week!,because I hope I am next with just a $100,000.00 Customer Appreciation Prize just like Cheryl Runnels of Zion,Illinois did last year.

Margueda ponthieux said...

Answer,answer please

susie kelly said...

Yes I would luv to win

ROBIN DOSS said...

Waiting for P.C.H. to come and knock on my front door, Been trying to win for awhile now, You don’t know how much this would mean to Me and My Family…

cassie carrasco said...

Right on danielle :-) congregations!

June Green said...

Excited dosen’t come close. Congradulations Bonnie!!!


I would put the check right in my husbands face, Every time the prize patrol van sets out to find another winner, I continously look out of my windows all day.Lol! My husband thinks I’m crazy and that you’ll are not really making peoples dreams come true. I know you are really, and I do believe you’ll will show up at my doorstep ONE OF THESE DAYS:)

Delores Brandt said...

I have been entering since 2012 and would this November 26, 2013 would be my greatest day ever. Everyday I pray to the Lord for good fortune but so far I have had no results. So, I hope, Dear Lord, that November 26th would be the best day of the rest of my life. I am not a healthy person and this money would me live a more stress free life. Plus, it would also help sister out greatly as they cannot afford a new home and the one they are living in is fall apart at the seams. Land Good Fortune on me Dear Lord and PCH.

sally cortez said...

wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to All. lots of LUCK

Sally said...

This Sally I wish you come to wv I would be happy to pch I never win anything before I like to win I would pay my bills and get me house