215 thoughts on “1_18”

  1. I need to win that $5000 weekly for life .no.6314

  2. Theresa Brown says:

    It would be such a blessing to win Sweepstakes No. 4900. I hope and pray that I win this sweepstakes.

  3. Robert Lee says:

    Blessings Blessing PCH GWY.NO. 4900 RL Winning thank to Publishers CLEARING HOUSE AN BLESSING TO JESUS.

  4. Yes! I want to win $2,000,000.00 plus more with the “Special Early Look” gwy. no. 4900

  5. Kamal says:

    Oki I want win

    1. Catherine Neel says:

      Yes,I would love to win, cuz maybe I can get some help cuz I had some brain damage, put it this way I’m not as most people due I was hit in the head alot from an ex- husband, I truly believe that I can help myself and others and to live a better life and others, I’m having so much problem reminding things like now. Yes I would to win.

  6. Donna Render says:

    Today is a good day to receive a forthcoming
    superprize no. #641435094340 from Pch.
    Register me in the special early look from
    gwy. 4900. Also, in other giveaways with the
    nos. 4950, 4902, 4650, 5167, 5035, 5166. Use
    other nos. like W22-101, 382-101, 22-08 and
    PT2215. Not clear on what these variations are,
    but please enter me in the sweepstakes this could do alot for me and make life better for the
    ones I love and others.

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