82 thoughts on “1_22_”

  1. Debra Tatum says:

    Yes I’m the nester …..
    as well as the person that will take care of our health n hopefully our lives will live long enough to help other’s in need

  2. Wanda says:

    MAMMIE FOUNDATION is a nonprofit that wants to guide teen moms & teen dads ,as an enabling tool with housing,education,training,& daycare*

  3. ioneellis says:

    PCH sweepstakes team and crew and said it a million times or more so I love you this is the Dove I’m still looking for lucky win I get upset I turn a color of the rainbow waiting for you to slide down the other side and bring me the pot of gold I just pray for my lucky to be in that pot so I can fly for Life my lucky and I we will soar together and save other lives god bless you PCH sweepstakes and team safe ride until I see you here at my house on this scene then you’ll have a chance to meet the Dove because I’ll be hovering high above looking for you to bring me my lucky love

  4. Thune PCH I Danny Am a millionaire. To God be the blurry.

  5. Jolene. M. Jacobs says:

    I hope to meet all of you very soon to help me win thank you for letting me have the challenge of win. like you God is help to me thru the challenge to

    Jolene. M. Jacobs

  6. Tabetha Jones says:

    I would love to win. We could pay our house off, get a dependable vehicle and not have to worry if we will have the money to pay all of our bills. We could send our three children to college with out a problem when the time comes.

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