29 thoughts on “1_24_danielle”

  1. E.bennefield@gmail.com says:

    My husband is sick with mesothelioma and I also take care of my daughter and granddaughter could def use this win but I know I probably won’t but want to sooooo much love you guys and how happy you make people thanks for the oppertunity

  2. carolinejinks says:

    yes I will share it

  3. I really hope that I get a chance to meet you all tomorrow, I think I would have a heart attack if I saw all3 of you guys at my door,”Yes” I want to win a Mega Superprize gwy no4900 on February 27th 2015….

  4. Thoughts on 1_24 really coming to me, yr kidding right! please dont make me cry… i’ll be back!!!!

  5. michael says:

    love it….it would be great…thanks P.C.H.

  6. Josephine bell winners will be notified on or around September 25th,2014, is that right?

  7. Belkis says:

    My pleasure to participated in Dream Live Prize…My honor for pch patrol and publisher clearen house…for hard,beautiful,interesting,and humanity job doing every day..god blesssss you….

  8. yes i would love to win this time thank you pch

  9. Good afternoon…I will like to share with everybody.I admire pch patrol for humanity ,hard and humanity work doing every day is my pleasure to participate In Dream live prize my honor for every body working in publisher clearen house…god bless

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