150 thoughts on “1_29_InIt”

  1. This is justin autrey and I am in it to win it thank you for the opportunity

  2. Kimberly Andrus says:

    Pch” I have faith it will come my way soon”

  3. caroline himesu says:

    Danielle lam its Caroline Himes I’m in it to win,with a brain bleed ,I’m in it even more !!! I need you now ,it is time for a new start from the best three people ,please come now please!!!!

  4. Yes Danielle !! I am in it to win it !!
    How are you. ?!! I hope you are all well
    And I PRAY TO MEET YOU ALL!! Soooooon !!!!!!!

  5. Jay Harris says:

    All in ready to graduate magnacumlade fromPCH101
    Also looking forward to spring break

  6. mike says:

    Danielle PCH prize patrol I’m in it to win it all Dave Todd come on up to Arvada Colorado make my dreams come true be waiting for you knock knock

  7. Starrett Ash says:

    Starr says it’s in my cards that I have already won and just awaiting the personal delivery from Miss Rosey

  8. Rick Harmon says:

    Yes , I would like to win. I like holding ROSES.

  9. mike says:

    Knock knock I want to win baby doll

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