Find The Differences In Today’s PCH Prize Patrol Game!


Hey Readers,

Knock, Knock. It’s the PCH Prize Patrol with a fun game for you. See if you can find the differences in these photos. There are six (6) differences in all!

Comment below and tell us the differences you can spot!

Have FUN and good luck!

Elliott M.

P.S. Can’t find the differences? No problem. We’ll reveal the all six differences in tomorrow’s blog. So make sure to check it out!

P.P.S. Do you like games like this? Comment below and let us know if you think we should do more games on the PCH blog!

121 thoughts on “Find The Differences In Today’s PCH Prize Patrol Game!”

  1. Madge Virgo says:

    I would love it to be me.

  2. I love playing PCH after i lost my leg i want to thank you.

  3. ronda stutler says:

    1. The sign on the check that says A Life-Changing “Fortune”
    2. Dave Sayer pants is Blue.
    3.Danielle Lam shoes is Pink.
    4.There is a metal door ringer on the door.
    5. Todd Sloane does not have the company logo on his jacket.
    6.The green balloon is not in the picture.

  4. jo maama says:

    1)Checks wording is different 2) females shoes are different 3)balloons are different colors 4)
    only one door knocker 5) middle man has man is only wearing jeans in one picture
    Nailed it!

  5. Barbara Fox says:

    The wording on the big check card is different .
    Daniel’s shoes are pink in one picture and tan in the other.
    Dave has tan pants on in one picture and blue pants on in the other one.
    there is a door knocker on one door and not the other one ..
    Todd don’t have his PCH logo/ID Badge on in one of the pictures .

  6. Pete weaver says:

    1. Balloon
    2. Shoes
    3. Pants
    4. Door knocker
    5. Verbiage on check
    6. Pocket crest on jacket

    If you could see your way to my home it would be appreciated. Recently unemployed but I have a larger calling than myself and that is to establish trusts to help those in greater need than myself.
    Thanks and God bless!

    1. jo maama says:

      Well you could help by not sending in request to win to increase my odds :-)

  7. hazel green says:

    different color shoe
    different color trousers
    different color balloons
    less balloons
    different wording on check
    no knob on front door.

  8. Fazil says:

    i agree with julie! so funny. i wish i could take responsibility for the sathce! too cute. ALSO: i am not a ravens basher my fav parent (bill) is a huge baltimore fan. i was just born bleeding burgundy and gold so there it is <3

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