20 thoughts on “1_31_Find”

  1. Janet Guzman says:

    If you only new the story of how our miracle we still alive . Regardless being homeless because of it we Would definitely win .. I wish everyone best of luck. Its what we need. I could use money however my miracle is just still being alive for my Grandson not end in fostet home if I had died . So for this homeless and alive I am blesses

  2. Janet Guzman says:

    Balloon, badge , shoes, pants, door, check

  3. Pch im deaf and hard of hearing ok I see that picture they same jeanes and bulltien same every week 5000,00for the life I win it yes please come soon my home clock the door suprsie for me thank u the god bless
    From evette naftaly

  4. Eleanor says:

    add your comment here

  5. I want it and I want to win the 1million coming from your town meet me in the Spoktown ….win win and be a winner

  6. I need this damn win, so phil me in

  7. paul Coomer says:

    Shoe color is one there’s no door nocker pants are a different color that’s three things different checks that’s four one of the Balloon s are Green the other is Purple That’s Five the last thing is the in pocket of the jacket that s all six oh know you forgot the seventh thing my names on the check

  8. Doris Christian says:


  9. Steven says:

    Her shoes, his pants, the checks, door knocker, balloon, and whatever is behind the check and under his arm in the left picture is missing in the right.

  10. jacqueline brothers says:

    The balloons r different colors -colors of daves pants – danielles shoe color -check changes from $5000 a week “forever”for life to a life changing “fortune” – one door has knocker the other does not- logo is missing on jacket …

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