Is Publishers Clearing House Real?

Real Prize Winner Answers Question “Is Publishers Clearing House Real?”


Hello PCH Fans!

Have you ever experienced something that seemed almost too good to be true? Something so fantastic that people shake their heads and say, “No way. That never happens!”

Well, welcome to a real Publisher Clearing House winner’s life, a life I’ve happily enjoyed since my big win in August 2008! But truth be told, it started even BEFORE my big win in August of 2008. I’ve always had a little bit of a lucky streak. Whenever there was a local raffle or a contest, I would tend to win something. Then in 2008, I started entering the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes through PCHSearch&Win. After a few months, I instantly won an Amazon Gift Card. I remember turning around my laptop and showing my husband the notification and my name scrolling on the bottom of the screen. Granted, Scott knows all about my lucky streak, so it wasn’t too surprising when that happened. Later on that year, my entering really paid off when the Prize Patrol showed up in my door months later in August.

Have you seen my winning moment? If you haven’t, definitely take a look HERE. Look especially at the “Behind the Scenes” work the Prize Patrol did to find me. You’ll find them being interviewed by Toledo’s local media and getting reactions from workers from the nursing home near our local florist. Funnily enough, my husband’s grandmother was a resident of that nursing home at the time! All she knew was that someone in the area had won the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes. Can you imagine her surprise when she realized it was ME?

Fast forward to a few months after my win. Dave Sayer called me and asked if I would like to share my story officially and become PCH’s Goodwill Ambassador. I said, “OF COURSE!” and I’ve been corresponding with fans ever since. I get asked A LOT of questions, and every so often, someone questions whether it’s all real — whether I really won a $1 Million SuperPrize from Publishers Clearing House.

I’m here to assure you that that is IT IS REAL, VERY REAL! Publishers Clearing House did make me One Million Dollars richer, and it changed my whole life!

Want more proof? Check out PCH’s Winners Circle. Here you can find a list of winners from all over the country. And at PCHTV, you can watch REAL winners and their REAL reactions! Some are completely floored, others are as cool as a cucumber. How would YOU react?

So fans, if anyone ever asks you “Is Publishers Clearing House real?” please tell them YES! And please keep entering — the next real prize winner could be YOU!


Natalie Bostleman
2008 SuperPrize Winner
PCH Goodwill Ambassador

Twitter: Natalie at PCH
Facebook: Natalie Bostleman

P.S. Reminder: The Prize Patrol is awarding a big $15,000.00 prize today! Stay tuned to Danielle Lam’s PCH Prize Patrol Fan Page for clues all day long!

P.P.S. Thanks for playing our Find The Difference Game yesterday! You all did SUCH a good job with your guesses! For those of you who couldn’t find all the differences, here are the answers…

  1. Color of Danielle’s shoes
  2. Color of Dave’s pants
  3. Prize amount on Big Check
  4. Color of upper left balloon
  5. Prize Patrol Patch on Todd’s blazer
  6. Knocker on door

131 thoughts on “Is Publishers Clearing House Real?”

  1. Meta ilunga says:

    Trying, hoping and believing that it gonna happen someday.

  2. Benehakaka Kaiwi says:

    Life is kinda getting hard. My fiancè lost her job and we may lose our house. Everyday, I check my email to see if I win. I want to give my future wife everything we need. Pay off our house, surgery, fix her truck, and send my step daughter to the best school. These are the reasons I never gave up. Keep your heads up America and good luck.

  3. Larwence says:

    They only give the prize to wealthy American’s which I find ironic,seems it’s the poor and middle class who supports and spends the most money and who spends the most time entering their contest. Yet I guess that is the way of the world, they probably are all employees on some level, who don’t really win,but take the pictures for job security

    1. Danielle duckley says:

      Really good point

  4. Rhonda says:

    Every commercial I see it looks line the people live in the rich part of a neighborhood , not the average person who needs the money. They do hound you everyday I think to track your web searches so they can sell them to different companies. Seeing is believing for me!

    1. gigee says:

      You know it seem that way with the lottery to I think that they sat up those number and put the winner where they want them to fall in area .

  5. Mary Welch says:

    Been playing a while now it seems they get your hopes up but then we’ll you know. Nothing

  6. Tamara says:

    I have been on Publishers clearling house for past a long time people call me saying I win things but have to pay shipping I don’t have much monnie they take out over and over I also get to much junk mail in my email because of this .my friend tells me its a waist of my time its not real. I play anyways even pray that I will win. I have gone threw so much torrmeant in life this would realy be a blessing if I won I would prove it is real.sometimes I wonunder if it is a wast of time but for now I will beleave I may win some day.

    1. Danielle duckley says:

      Money,torment, wonder, believe, Hello it’s not real they take from the poor and give to the rich

  7. zara says:

    I pray its real . I’m being very dedicated to all the games.Good luck to everyone

  8. Loretta says:

    Daily posts (2 – 3 times per day) are too much. Seems like a game of games.

  9. Ernestine Woolens says:

    Never ever heard of anyone in or around where I live winning. I really wonder if it is real.

  10. brandie says:

    Nobody in our area either! I keep hoping, my husband thinks it is silly that I keep entering.. Well, I guess it’s a tiny bit of hope of that maybe some day life could be better, that keeps us going :-)

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