18 thoughts on “url”

  1. I always wonder if i was lucky enough win anything big Im 29 years old sing parent of two I have to work everyday to make sure these babies have everthing they need

  2. Martina Jones says:

    How would I know if pch is really true

  3. Renee l jubb says:

    I’ve been Praying everyday since I lost my job unfairly & need so much help for my 3 boys & getting help for them for most importantly medical health insurance that my company immediately took from my family and can not seem tLk get help or answers from anyone that makes sense..please please someone please bring me some good fortune to our lives very soon..

      1. This is the season for miracles!!

  4. Sam H says:

    I was even scammed on facebook over 2 years ago, no i cant even get in face book now, no double prise….right.

  5. Joyonna says:

    I’m praying hard my god is good I’ve been searching daily i have faith keep hope everyone god is real and dreams do come true

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