Introducing PCHfrontpage — Top News of Today Plus Chances To Win

PCHfrontpage from Publishers Clearing House brings you the top news of today plus all the chances to win you love!


Hi PCH fans! How’s your Monday going? Is it the kind of Monday when you’re barely awake and you need at least 2 cups of coffee to even begin functioning? Are you staring at the dog, who is barking excitedly, holding his leash in his mouth while standing next to the door and trying to figure out what it is that he wants? Yes, Mondays can be rough. It’s mornings like this when you want to simply sit down and find all the information you need in one place. You don’t want to hunt for anything.

Well then, let me introduce you all to the brand-new PCHfrontpage! Just like is your one-stop shop for all your sweepstakes entries, and Prize Central is your go-to spot to ensure that you’ve entered all the great PCH Fan Page giveaways on Facebook, the PCHfrontpage is the ultimate hub for just about anything else you could possibly need! So why not make it your homepage?

I’m sure you’re sitting there reading this thinking, “Homepage? But I just met PCHfrontpage!” I’m rushing things, I know. But when you read these 10 awesome reasons, you’ll understand.

1. You’ll get greeted by the Prize Patrol every time you look at it! And really, who doesn’t love opening up a webpage and seeing Dave, Danielle and Todd’s smiling faces?

2. Right at the very top, there’s that familiar bar…it’s the search bar from PCHSearch&Win! You can search everyday from PCHfrontpage to claim your sweepstakes entry and be entered to win in the Instant Prize giveaway of the day on PCHSearch&Win.


3. Wondering what the weather is? No need to turn on the TV or look out the window. PCHfrontpage will tell you, at the very top right of the page!

4. What’s going on in the world and in your community? Find out RIGHT HERE. The featured items that scroll across the top will give you the top news of today and the local tab will let you know what’s in the news nearby you!


5. Play the lottery? We’ve got the lotto results right there for you! Just select your state and we’ll populate all the numbers. Don’t play? Visit our horoscope tab to find out if there’s some luck in your future!

6. Wondering what to watch on TV tonight? Well it’s a good thing our TV listings are here to tell you exactly what’s on the tube!

7. Speaking of tubes, if you’re looking for a good way to distract yourself scroll a little further down the page and you’ll find an assortment of YouTube videos that you can watch!

8. Maybe you want to try someplace new for dinner, but you want to make sure it’s worth trying! Well, click on the Reviews tab and check out some suggestions powered by our friends at Yelp!

9. Once you’ve picked where to have dinner and have decided there’s nothing worth watching on TV tonight, you need a backup plan. Click on the Events tab and see what’s happening near you!

10. Wondering what’s popular on the web? Why not check out the Trending Section and see what everyone else is interested in!

So, with ALL THAT to offer, I’ve got just one question left: Why NOT make PCHfrontpage your homepage?

Sarah S.
PCH Social Media


P.S. Not sure how to make PCHfrontpage your homepage? No problem! Just click on the link that says “Make PCH Frontpage your home page” in the upper left corner. It’ll show you exactly how easy it is!

1,103 thoughts on “Introducing PCHfrontpage — Top News of Today Plus Chances To Win”

  1. lynn ayers says:

    lynn ayers entry claim activate $10,000.00 a week for life pch gwy .no 6900 lynn ayers is claiming sole rightful owner on any monies 6900 will make

  2. lynn ayers says:

    lynn ayers entry claim activate $10,000.00 a week for life pch gwy .no 6900 lynn ayers claiming sole owner pch 6900

  3. Lisa k says:

    Hi pch trying to put my web site in so i have to ask why no one got back to me on the card i got with a code on it please staff tell me thank u verry much

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      Hello Lisa, keep trying and don’t give up. Your entries have the same chances of winning as every other entry so don’t lose hope. Our winner selection process is completely random and unbiased; there’s no way to know who we’re going to award next. Make sure you enter as often as you can as every entry is another chance that you could become a lucky winner. Here are all of the ways that you can enter each day: Good luck to you and all who enter!! 🙂

  4. Lisa k says:

    Hey pch ya the days r comming i like to be in a holliday win i need help i got a card it has a code iam not sure what to do than i think mail it back can someone from pch staff answer i dont want to try and scrach it well ill be greatfull for that answer again i told u my site iam useing is google but enter my prl comes up so i need to call see i play on a mobile phone and they reset it since than so u no but love to win win 6900 is most games we all claim 6900 7332 6080 ive got so many and my golden tick maybe thats what that is well ill find out today going for the 10 k or 11 k hey 5 k well done team love the fun the serching and pch for trying to change our lives love u guys please if a staff can ill come back to front page to check just asking team never got 1 so ok win win god bless

  5. Lisa k says:

    Hi team how r u well had been busy but on line with mobile i really want to win u no as i said not easy some r lucky to have a computer as for me its everthing so we r all on the winners list by now i ve gotten another golden ticket and i enjoy serching u guys dont care as long as we r on the internet so we get a # so far tha sound wright playing 6900 most games r 6900 and others but got # on some mai so i believe those r mine hey a way to go pch well still love the funds need it but love the house i hope its my time numbers so many u have only one matches well just a though today like that 25.00000 if i got it right but thanks for a great few years god bless pch and god shine on me

  6. Sarah Darnell says:

    Their is a giveaway of 15,000.00 for holiday bills. I’d like to claim that prize.
    this Dec.23rd from GWY 6900. Thanks

  7. Lisa says:

    Hey pch thanks for noticeing me i got my numbers so today have a few to do for 6900 and thanks for the extras to win team iam getting all in want that 10 k for 12 23 u guy r great u do answer questions well team hope u come to lynn mass u guys say u r but no one has seen u well be nice if u come to lynn mass 126 union st i would love to win win o god i dont no how i would feel but greatfull so team we want pch here so come on over thanks for noticeing me it feels great thanks again team for help at times

  8. Lisa k says:

    Hey pch and team just got off the phone with the pch i recived i made the winners list iam greatfull to have go here i hade to ask some questions on my pch mail i really want that 10k but now up graded to 11 k nice even 5k is great so have my numbers and it looks as all is moveing 6900 looks like we all play unless we get 7322 and 6808 many others i may be off a# but u get it i love that car but i rather have the money this city many more have no food banks alot of homeless i would be 1 i guess iam greatfull i live in a bedroom but its a roof i want to do so much good in donateing money for these problems it sad and me yes a better life bills gone but it least while iam liveing good ill no someone has a shelter to sleep well team bet u r gearing up things i hope who bless me today on the phone may god bless them u guys girs r great so iam in it to win it so far i hope good if not me god bless we work hard games # god i go so many ways to try and hit that combo pch and team u guys if i win we can or will have a good time u no u guys r going out to eat with me come on iam sure i would love to be at dinner luch with the pch team come to lynn mass u can make this persons dreams come true we live once i want it i play my cell was down but got it up hope i made all my deadlines i no i hade to get it out pch but i still play cool it and go on to my work its all i have ok sorry i wright long blogs love u guys come to lynn mass 126 union u can see pch team

  9. lynn ayers says:

    lynn ayers entry claim activate $10,000.00 a week for life lynn ayers is claiming sole owner of owner pch 6900

  10. Lisa k says:

    Hey pch how r u well glad to no i made the final selection for2 # also got my cell up hade a tec but i can only do some at a time but iam not going out yet so team u see iam trying i want my numbers on that list i hope soon a tex from pch lets me no they r set it would be great to help some family and as i said donate to hunger to many out with no homes food not even i have a thanksgiveing dinner but its ok ill eat what i got and maybe december ill have gods blessing want 6900 10 k a month my life can change so much iam not well either but i push can bearley use my arm my leg ya i got mine as u all do but i love serching and would love to no were iam at with pch as far as did i get all my deadlines can a staff member tell me anything when u r going on the selection list pch thank u verry much and to say it this is my last year sorry playing on a cell is to much over heating chargeing so god bless who wins to bad we all who stayed in could not get something love u team come to lynn mass

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