211 thoughts on “2_4_2”

  1. Deborah jackson says:

    Prize patrol are you searching for Deborah Jackson I’m looking forward to meeting Dave,Danielle and Todd come June 30 th ,2015.

  2. mary watson says:

    pchfrontpage im searching the final notice to win it all on June 30, 2015. let win it all.

  3. Judy. Lewis says:

    You have to register with PCH and have to get a number given to you and no one else
    Prize entry no. Is not your number. I don’t think some people get this. If you are not registered you don’t win!!!!!!

  4. Charles says:

    Little less talk and a lot more action come on man

  5. How can I enter to win the Publish Clearing House

    1. Judy Lewis says:

      Go to PCH and sign up

  6. I have played this night &day&have prayed about it. Ho plug to pay my medical bills. Bless every one. 4900

  7. Yes i want to win $777,777.77

  8. marlene Jones says:

    PCH,PRIZEPATROL ,I am searching to win todays Prize &Hoping For June30. In It to Win Gwy4900

  9. carla michelle Antee says:

    Dont Just Search with FrontPage

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