180 thoughts on “2_4_2”

  1. Sheila Jean Baptiste says:

    I love PCH is a part of my life I really enjoy it and I appreciated your good work to all the staff of the PCH keep on going

  2. Hello!PchFrontpage today. here-ye-News Today.It is Friday…….May all be blessed this weekend!!!! and

  3. Frank Riely says:

    Good Morning! Well, tomorrow is THE DAY, 01/20/2015……..who will be the winner? Hopefully…Yours Truly! Thanks PCH!

  4. Frank Riely says:

    Frontpage for PCH is a great help in finding lots of “good news”, etc. I am hoping to win GWY#3577 along with HWY#3726…….am I being “greedy or what”? I am really kidding, One of the Giveaways would be enough for “now”! Thanks PCH!

  5. hi my friend come joine me me you have meny way to win y not do it free i do it every day am not stoping you don have to by

  6. Joy Salo says:

    Joy Salo would love to see the prize patrol at her front door on NOVEMBER 25th . My daughter has always wanted to go to Disney World & what better time to go then CHRISTMAS!!! & we could pay off our house & move (YEAH )

  7. Aretha Martin says:

    Pch ppl am I gonna win this year for the 10.000.00 a week

  8. Pch is my go to place to hear the news. Love it.

  9. Pch is my go to place, to fine what going on in world.

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