161 thoughts on “2_4_2”

  1. Richard Claro says:

    I’m Ready for P.C.H. To hand me a great prize.A prize that will keep me the rest of my life.

  2. I hope blessings from heaven continue to shower until PCH Prize Patrol deliver my big check in front of our door steps.

  3. Joyce Havard says:

    Interesting offers.
    Waiting to hear from you.

  4. Joyce Havard says:

    Anxious to hear from you!

  5. mary says:

    Yeah I agree , I was in to tht point was getting frustrated with this game and searching is getting to me so nowvjust patience with this.

  6. JANE GROSS says:

    Know MATTER how one feels in life about what they do,if things you do don’t workout do your best to try again and don’t give up,we have all came into tbis game to win,don’t forget,pch is giving away millions of dollars,we have to find the way to win it,I’m trying,an I’m not going to get upset cause I don’t get it,I have a lot of faith ,one day it will happen for me,thank you.

  7. Emilienne C hampagne says:

    my activated no PC213

  8. Natasha DAguanno says:

    I like playing the games .I would like to win something, someday.

  9. Richard Claro says:

    If I win one of the big money prizes.I will try to buy a better house.One that will keep me warm in the winter and cool in the summer.I want a gas range in the kitchen and have a pantry off the side of the kitchens.3-4 bedrooms with 3 bathrooms.A niche yard with a shed out back.
    p.c.h. i ENJOY YOUR SEARCH PAGE AS ITS easy to use.
    Thanks P.C.H For letting me enter your contests.

  10. Theresa Wallace says:

    Hello there PCH,
    Thank you so much, for the oppertunity to live life!
    A life without fianically struggling to be comfortable! WOW! That would diffently be a gift Its hard to put words too how i feel just making it to this point and place on the winners list for the PCHgiveaway no. 3080.
    AND THAT GOD DOES ANSWER OUR PRAYERS. This would be a miracle! I would love for PCHPrize Patrol to come to my home anytime and award me the PCHSWEEPSTAKES BIG WINNER!
    Please come you are all welcome anytime. ILL BE WATCHING FOR YOU! See you soon ! Sincerely , Theresa Wallace

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