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  1. pch is my number one seach for anting and everyting even win money andprise ilove it

  2. I want pch for. Y home page can you help me I gets very one but you help pch home please.

  3. OK OK I new help I want pch my home page every time I try I ends up with some eles pch make me your home page please

  4. Many of us are trying to make it out of the slump we live in.

  5. candance chambers says:

    I want to win the million dollars an plus the 10,00.00 dollars I been searching to enter for the bonus an I been trying to enter so I can win cause I wanna win all that pch has for me to win.I want to win so that I can purchase my own home so my children would have a place they can call home and I want to take some trips with my children . This is a dream come true to win the million dollars an some an to live in my very own home..and I always wanted to bless others with something they need.

  6. Richard Claro says:

    I have been helping people since 1960 our youth group would get clothes up and her and her husband would fly the things we boxed off to the mission fields our clothes went.That husband and wife are both gone now.But I still remember them to this day.
    They were the god parents of my youngest sister.I have a box now to go to the mens shelter this winter.Good warm mens sweaters and pants.Its hard to believe that I have been getting clothes up for 54 years.Wow I look back and now wonder where did all those years go.And why so dog gone fast!In years past I would come home from work and there would be a box or several boxes sitting on my front porch with a note “to be given away.I know I I win a great prize I would build a nice shed to gather things up to give away.I’m glad to find others that have a good heart and think of others who need a hand up not just a hand out!
    Thanks P.C.H. F or keeping us safe and letting us play your many games.

  7. I have the same plans as Richard Claro , what a coincidence !!

  8. Richard Claro says:

    I’m ready to win one of your great prizes.And then be on my way to helping others.
    What such a blessing that prize money would be.And not one dime of it would be wasted.So many people would be helped along life’s walk in life.All I would ask of those who recieved help was to help out somebody else.
    Thanks P.C.H. for letting me enter your contests.And thanks once again for keeping us safe.

  9. verna mullin says:

    my no is 3726 and 4900

  10. Richard Claro says:

    I’m Ready for P.C.H. To hand me a great prize.A prize that will keep me the rest of my life.

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