How Would You Like Financial Independence “Forever”?


If you would like financial independence “forever”, enter the PCH Sweepstakes today!

Well, going over the “fiscal cliff” — which most everyone feared – might have been averted; but the federal budget deficit must still be addressed, tax laws are changing, and many economists believe we are still not “out of the woods.”   They say unless these challenges are met, we and our children and grandchildren will face an uncertain financial future.  What’s a person to do?!?!?!

It seems to me that anyone who is concerned about this – and aren’t we all? – should take advantage of each and every opportunity to become financially secure.  And you know what would do just that — for YOU and for someone else you love?  Winning the “FOREVER” prize from Publishers Clearing House, that’s what!

You’ve probably seen the PCH commercials in our recent TV ad campaign which put the spotlight on our “FOREVER” prize offering.  Talk about financial security!  To the winner will go $5,000 a week for life, and then — after that — someone the winner chooses will get $5,000 a week for the rest of his or her life!

Just think of it!  What could YOU do with that $5,000 a week — week after week after week?  And imagine what a blessing those “forever” payments would be later on for someone you name — it would truly mean financial independence “forever”!

Many people think our government acts too slowly on important economic issues.  Don’t YOU act slowly!  Don’t let our contest’s February 20th deadline creep up on you!  Act fast and enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes at once!  And February 28, YOU could win “FOREVER”!

Wishing you the best of luck.

Dave Sayer PCH

Dave Sayer

Prize Patrol Ambassador


63 thoughts on “How Would You Like Financial Independence “Forever”?”

  1. LL says:

    OK we are down to the FOREVER pay out! My East Hammond and Caiument area are hopeing for the help we all need. Thank You!!

  2. Yes getting Financial advisor to be at your side you will be in need off guidance How to invest Your funds

    1. PCH it would be great to have an amazing income tax free every week to pay all my back up bills that would be a blessing

  3. House Winner says Quack Quack 7000 A Week For Life Gwy No 308O 4900 Financial results will be rewarded for life Commercial today Knock knock House Winner Revealed

  4. Hollow Dave Sayer.
    Yes I would love to help others who is in need of help. Like I would take care All of my family first thing others be cuz I could do that.


  6. I hV no financial security!
    Not even credit cards and 4 kids. I need to win!
    Glendora CA

  7. jmasias305 says:

    I jesus Macias would love to win 1,000,000.00 pch forever superprize gwy # 4900 go pch prize patrol god bless

  8. Joede Berman says:

    Not only would winning make a difference in my life but also in the lives of my family and others. Thinking positive… When I win I would start a foundation to help others. But of course first things first… I would help my family which is in a lot of need especially since my husband has been ill and hasn’t been able to work in a couple of years. My parents are 92 & 89 and have run out of money except for their ss. Times are tough but when you “Pay it Forward” it allows everyone to benefit and find hope.
    I am keeping my hopes up to have financial independence forever. Thank you

  9. Corey Miner says:

    That’s my dream goal and to serve and protect who and what I love

    1. kimberly says:

      forever prize on june 30 2015

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