What Would You Buy First If You Won $5,000 A Week “Forever”?


Everyone’s favorite Big Check, Lucky Windfall, is back with a very important question. He wants to know: what would YOU buy first if you won $5,000 a week “Forever”? Before you answer, remember that if you won, you would get $5,000 a week for your life, plus after that, $5,000 a week for someone you choose! That’s a whole lot of money!

So what would it be…a fancy new sports car? The dream house you’ve always wanted? Would you dazzle yourself with diamonds? Or something else completely? Comment below and let us know!

677 thoughts on “What Would You Buy First If You Won $5,000 A Week “Forever”?”

  1. ethankcarla m Antee For Life my says:

    A Home Dream Home Gwy No 308O

  2. Marla Choi says:

    I would start a non profit organization that helps with the err elderly people, and the homeless. I would definitely invest in my sons education. I would name my sons as my heir’s.

  3. carla m Antee says:

    My thoughts are My Mom really nice she is a wonder Mom

  4. Kimberly Weeks/ boston says:

    Donate, buy a home a car build a play ground for my town an kids, help those less fortunate help younger moms and dads…try to get a big celebrity to help out and spread the would on a new fondation i want to build and support..

    1. kimberly says:

      def donate buy a home take care of my mom an get my sons grandmother out of a nursing home for home care…then id donate money to home health care to and build a beatiful facility to help estate an planning for future cost effective ways for more to gain an with better quality.

    2. kimberly says:

      im claiming the win for the forever prize in the special early look AR-2015

  5. Diann McClain says:

    i’ve always had a desire to give back using the God given talent God has given me, for years I’ve trained most of the child care workers who have their own business, helping them to receive their directors credential to open their own business. If I won the big prize , I would open the largest child care and training center this small town have ever seen, and hire some of the best persons to work in it. The childcare center would also have a clear sun roof top top that can be closed in exstremely bad weather, bu t the children would also get to go outside on rainy days. I would also have a music instructor, to help make learning fun, but most of all this center would be faith based so that children can get the know the person that have made a profound diffrence in my life , which is Jesus Christ. there would many things I would do, but I am a people person, and I love to see children and families happpy, so I would use the money to definitey do that. then I would take my family to CALIFORNIA to visit Disney Land, I mean the whole entire Bines-wright Clan. I can’t wait to start spending this money.

  6. carla m Antee says:

    Plane ticket

  7. HM says:

    Everyone seems to have good ideas and good intentions, I hope whomever wins keeps those good commitments. Sorry if I sound like a broken record here. Me and my wife currently save up some money to set aside solely for the purpose of helping a homeless person. We find someone who’s truly in need, not just someone who’s dressed well and clean with a nice cardboard sign on the side of the road who hops in a car to drive back home at the end of the day (I know, I’ve actually followed them), but someone who is truly homeless and out of options and willing to change. Honestly its harder to find that person then you might think! All people want free stuff, and they’ll tell you whatever they need to get it, but not many want to change for the better, not because it’s required, but because the truly want it. The money goes towards getting that person cleaned up, new clothes, haircut, shaved, moved to a new town to get away from old habits, an apartment with the first 6 months rent/utilities paid, a special checking account which only allows a certain amount of spending with all the rest saved for the first 6 months, and a job. Others have been involved to donate furniture, a bike, food, books, education and counseling. We’re not affiliated with a company or our church in this. We just do it. Only a couple people know the extent of this gift of a new chance, otherwise we’re just your normal average family.
    If we won? We would do this more often than once every 1 1/2 years, and do it once a month. Being funded by PCH, we would start a YouTube channel and document it. Teach others how to make small differences in their own communities throughout the world.
    We would keep our current job’s as we love them. We’re not rich, but comfortable. Between the two of us we make ~$100,000 a year, with 4 kids.

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