What Would You Buy First If You Won $5,000 A Week “Forever”?


Everyone’s favorite Big Check, Lucky Windfall, is back with a very important question. He wants to know: what would YOU buy first if you won $5,000 a week “Forever”? Before you answer, remember that if you won, you would get $5,000 a week for your life, plus after that, $5,000 a week for someone you choose! That’s a whole lot of money!

So what would it be…a fancy new sports car? The dream house you’ve always wanted? Would you dazzle yourself with diamonds? Or something else completely? Comment below and let us know!

689 thoughts on “What Would You Buy First If You Won $5,000 A Week “Forever”?”

  1. I would get the best lawyer money could buy and get Justice for Donnie my nephew who was killed waiting for his bus …hit by a drunk driver at 89mph ( he was 15yrs old. ) please everyone go to Justice for Donnie on fb and like God bless u people for this amazing opportunity !!

  2. Wow $1 million plus $5,000,00 a week for ever get a car your house awesome

  3. What l would do first if l won would be to hire a house keeper for my 90 year old father whom l take care of every day. Though it would not be to take my place, but for me to spend more of my time with him personally instead of the chores! I love him so much. I’ve learned so many things about him in the past three years that l wouldn’t change my situation of being there with him for all the money in rhe world!!!!

  4. If I was fortunate and won, my family and friends would also be fortunate. I would help them and their families. I would like to drive around the states and see the things you see on TV. For myself I would like a camp on a small lake that has good fishing and we could enjoy the outside and sun shine. BB

  5. Virginia Garrison says:

    I have been with you since 1981 I have never won anything I am thinking what people are saying that it is a joke is true and you raise everyone’s hope and let them down I do not know anyone who won your contest

  6. Virginia Garrison says:

    My poor husband has been wanting a truck every time he decides to get one he has to use the money for some other emergency and help out the family I would love to win so he can get himself a truck of his own

  7. Lillian Martin says:

    I would replace my 21 year old car, make sure my final expenses are paid for, do some very needed up grades to my house. Then take a small vacation. I would hope I could leave the forever prize split between my two daughters. The church would get a big part of the first year prize.

  8. Caroline says:

    If I won millions, I would like to buy a house first in a quite neighborhood, set aside college funds for my two smart 17 & 7 yo daughters, and buy an extra car. Next, take a vacation with my family…. I’m dying to explore the world! lol! Lastly, I like to help family, friends, churches, orphanages, disabled veterans, college scholarships etc.

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