411 thoughts on “LuckyBuyFirst”

  1. pick me i never won anything in my life pleasr thank you

  2. barbarahelton says:

    boy i willbe glad when this is over your comment here

    1. willa roberts says:

      I would love to win a new home and be debt free.

  3. erika vevers says:

    i want to win april 30 2014 sooobad #1fan of danielle lam keeping my faith

  4. erika vevers says:

    i love you pch!! come to viva lasvegas to see me #1 fan

  5. erika vevers says:

    pick me pick me<3

  6. erika vevers says:

    pick me prize patrol #1 fan of danielle lam i am! <3 pch

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