422 thoughts on “LuckyBuyFirst”

  1. Larry Rawlinson says:

    First we would set up a college fund for my son and granddaughter; then fund the food pantries in our city along with enough money to keep our church out of debt. Then cruise baby, cruise!!!

  2. Millions is the motive Billions is the dream.
    Albany Oregon Next?

  3. PCH I’m claiming the lucky prize $1, million Superprize gwy 4950 from a special early look definitely December

  4. Maria Bou says:

    I would like to by a lovely home for my family of three. Also a house for my mother in law.

  5. Alisa says:

    I would love to win the game for my family so they don’t have to work any more my grandmother is 86 and my aunt is 65 I know that it’s time

  6. Michelle says:

    Give a donation to celebration vacation to the battered women’s shelter that helped me get out of an extremely abusive marriage, then takes axing kids & new grand baby on a celebratory vacation!! Good luck to all who play, thx for allowing me to share!! : ))

  7. donald yates says:

    pay all bills off. and buy 2 cars one for the wife and me.

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