Want To Be A Winner? Last Day To Enter To Win “Forever”!

Today’s the last day to enter to win “forever” in the PCH Sweepstakes! 


It can be tempting to procrastinate … pressing the snooze button for ten more minutes of precious sleep or putting off the yard work (or snow shoveling…) for just one more day. But even an occasional procrastinator like me knows that you can’t wait to enter when final chances to win “Forever” are on the line!

The fact is, TODAY IS THE LAST DAY to enter to win “FOREVER.” Do you want to be a winner? Well, have you entered yet? If not, then get right to it! The laundry, errands, etc. will still be waiting for you tomorrow. But I am here to tell you that you don’t want to wait to visit PCH.com, PCHSearch&Win or any of our other online sites to claim a final entry to win “Forever” on February 28th … because tomorrow will be too late!

Remember, a “Forever” Prize is no ordinary prize. The winner would receive payments of $5,000 A Week For Life, and then after that, those payments would continue to someone the winner selects. Talk about financial security!

So if you want to become a winner, don’t procrastinate! Claim ALL of your final entries to win “forever” today. That’s right, there’s more than one way to enter. Check out this blog  for all of them! In fact, why not go down the list and grab as many as you can?

Good luck!

Elaina R.
PCH Online Creative

P.S. Remember, our February 28th prize event is what we call a “Special Early Look”. That means if there is a matching winning prize number, Publishers Clearing House will award $5,000 a week “Forever” for the SECOND time! If there is no matching winning number, PCH will hold a Second Chance Drawing and $1,000,000 will be awarded. We’ll be holding the Special Early Look in just a few days, and as soon as we have the results, we’ll post what prize will be awarded here on the blog! So keep checking back to find out whether it will be the “forever” prize or one million dollars…

P.P.S. The PCH Prize Patrol was recently on the road to award a BIG prize to another PCH Lotto winner! Read all about it here!

841 thoughts on “Want To Be A Winner? Last Day To Enter To Win “Forever”!”

  1. henry burney says:

    By faith I believe I am the pch winner Amen

  2. Johanna says:

    I would love to win, a dream come true.

  3. Ruby Woo says:

    It’ll be a miracle blessing to be chosen as the PCH winner

  4. Oh man 5,000.00 a week for life is coming my way I really really really need this so much I want to win I want to win I am praying so hard I hope that this big mirecal does really happens for us I need to win big for my family for my kids I want to win and win good

    1. I hope I win it would refill my dreams to help my family and my friends out and help are military family’s ,I have prayed for to win PCH.i just hope my dreams come true tomrrow:May God Bless is all

  5. I want to win 5,000.00 a week for life please please I will be ready for the big surprize I want this so so much

  6. I want to win I need to win we have a lot of things to pay off that we are in dept with and things we have to fix on the trailor that need fixing I want to win please come to my door Prize Patrol and surprize me with that big check of 5,000.00 a week for life I’m doing this for my family we need this big mirecal I want to win

  7. ERMIN says:

    I tray and tray and tray. Wen I will be win I tinck newr newr oll wys messg cam I newr win nating das gem dem

  8. maria sunberg says:

    I will win today

    1. maria sunberg says:

      I will give to our church pay off our dept. Among others help my children put them thru college help others in need. When I win.

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