126 thoughts on “clock”

  1. Carol Burnum says:

    I, Carol Burnum am claiming all five entries.

  2. Sicarioloko says:

    Last day search 10,0000,0000sicarii

  3. Paul Fallgreen says:


  4. Christine Fedeli says:

    Last day to enter pch August 5,000.00 a week for life,#4900 prize patrol knock on my door. Please my family is falling apart and need help. God please hear my prays.
    Peace and love

  5. Billy loper says:

    Last entry for forever prize august 31 2015 looking for prize patrol to come my house
    That kind of money be nice me and my family.
    hoping to see you all ( it would be a blessing )i

  6. Billy loper says:

    Last day entry 5000 week see what happens

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