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  1. Yes it won’t to win so it could pay off every thing an move out of this apt into a house

  2. Kamal says:

    I want win

  3. Im ana del valle and I want to win the millionaire superprize entry for life and get all the winning prizes included, the forf fusion, I will help my mom out.

  4. I lost my Beautiful Husbandof 47 years on Jan 5th 2014.
    e was a good Loving Man . I live on a budget.and would be blessed to Win so I can help my three Grandaughter’s Pay off their College Loans and buy them each a reliake Car. The Oldest Granddaughter Lives in Madision and Works with Handi cap Client’s the Pay is not much.ut she has a Beautiful heart and love working with those Special Clients. My 2nd Granddaughter works at Mercy Hospita and is Married and twin boys 15 months old Gavin& Landon and child care for two children is so expensive. My 3rd Granddaughter is a 6th Grade Science Teacher in Mayville.
    They all work so hard and I would be Blessed if come to my home on April 30th so I could not only help them also my daughter is driving a car with over 100,000 mile’s on it .and I would pay it forward to be able to afford to help others in Need. And to buy my self a New Washer & Dryer My current ones are 29 years old. and I need New Tires on my Van ..Please come to my house with the Winner’s Check for $7,000 a week for Life. Bless you all Hope to See you. Marilyn.

  5. I want to win pch $7,000.00 a week for life if I win it will be a very good life for me my family and friends I want to win prize gwy # 4900

  6. Pch please pick me as the winner in the next 15 minutes please

  7. Bobbie says:

    Tell me how to win

  8. Florentino Lopez says:

    Hello!!! Beautiful and handsome people of the PCH please help me to win the $7000.00 a week for life so that me and my family will stay together not renting only in one small room but to stay in a sweet home God Bless you all at the PCH and God Bless America.

  9. I want to be the big winner its my dream of being this moment

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