100 thoughts on “clock”

  1. Vickie Rechterman says:

    I would love to win

  2. sonny trmble says:

    I would let my heart and someone a lot smarter than me to help!!!!!

  3. I just want know what it is like to be a winner.

  4. Cynthia Jordan says:

    I really want to win
    I can do so much with this money
    To help others
    I have always dreamed and wanted to
    Have enough money to be a blessing
    And help those in need
    I have struggled for so long and my
    Family deserves to have a better life!
    And this will give this to them
    And to others .
    May God gave his hand on this
    For it be his will
    Cynthia jordan

  5. Mary Gingery says:

    I definitely want to win please need to help a lot of family, friends and church. Thanks,

  6. Sorry I meant that I would love to win the $5000.00 a week forever. Like every one else, it is a dream of a life time. To complete all of our dreams and helping others.

  7. I would love to win the $5000.00 for life. It would be a win of life time. Of all the things that I have ever dreamed of would come true. I will continue to hope for the Publisher Clearing House vehicle to arrive at my place of residence.

  8. Brenda Lynn says:

    It would be awesome to win. To be able to help our church pay off house and help my husband to be able to retire.

  9. veronica says:

    I just wanna be blessed to help my love ones and help those there in need homeless help needed people specially kids in mexico….

  10. candance chambers says:

    please pick me I do wanna win the mega surprise of the lincoln car an the 10 million dollars so that I may help someone else in need an to purchaae my own home for me an my 5 children an to help another friend with a car of her own so she can stop riding a bike to work an I wanna move to the country an help raise my grandchildren there.

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