Race To The Finish For The PCH Sweepstakes!

Burning rubber. A race with millions of dollars on the line. A trip to the winner’s circle  for a life-changing winning moment. And it all happens this month.2_22_Race

NASCAR’S fans might think I’m talking about the Daytona 500 that happens on February 24th. But the race to the finish I’m talking about will happen on February 28th. That’s when the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol will award a millionaire-making fortune from the PCH Sweepstakes!

That’s right! The Prize Patrol is fully prepared to award $5,000 A Week “Forever” on Thursday, February 28th. Quite simply a winner of $5,000 A Week “Forever” would receive weekly paychecks for $5,000 cash for life. Then, after that, the $5,000 payments would transfer to someone the winner chooses for their lifetime. We call this a “Forever” prize, but you might call it:

  • The start of a dynasty
  • A financial legacy
  • The beginning of a family empire
  • A new era of prosperity
  • Launching a tradition of family wealth

Two Exciting Events With Fascinating Similarities!

These two events — The Daytona 500 and the Publishers Clearing House February 28th winning moment — have a race to the finish that’s so similar it’s uncanny:

One Important Way The Daytona 500 And The $5,000.00 A Week “Forever” Prize Event Differ!

With so many “intriguing” similarities between the two events, there is one BIG difference. The Daytona 500’s race to the finish will definitely end in Daytona Beach, Florida, while the Prize Patrol’s race to award a millionaire-making SuperPrize from the PCH Sweepstakes could end in YOUR driveway! Now what sounds better to you: A race where a car goes around in a circle and ends where it started…or a race that could end in your driveway with Dave Sayer, Todd Sloane and Danielle Lam delivering you a life-changing fortune? Comment below!

Best Wishes,

Elliott M.

P.S. Do you wish the Prize Patrol would start driving a race car like the one in the photo above? Or do you prefer the classic Prize Patrol van?

151 thoughts on “Race To The Finish For The PCH Sweepstakes!”

  1. Karen Michaels says:

    I’d pay off my home and then help my children and a few people I know that could use the help.

  2. Dante Wright says:



  3. Dante Wright says:


  4. Dante Wright says:


  5. Corey Miner says:

    Love the pch race car rush me the golden cup prize for life

  6. john hinshaew says:

    Pch is wonderful on helping ppl lives god bliss

  7. ioneellis says:

    I’m used to seeing my prize patrol van that’s what I want to see when you come to see me I told you I love luxuries too but I like things to be sensible I got a 93 Buick She sitting on the side of the house Right now she need a little work But that’s my Daytona 500 And she’s worth millions to me Long as she could get up and go around that track She will cross the finish line I will take and fix my 93 Betsy and win but please let me see you in the van but I’m not in Florida I’m in Pennsylvania so I’m making you a trick to head my direction so we can make that wonderful connection yeah that race car is a beautiful thing but your van is better for me so Dave tell Danielle and Todd I say come on and cross the finish line right to my palace where it is so divine so all I can say is thank you so much for letting me play the Publishers Clearing House I will stay in touch god bless and safe ride to all of my Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes team and crew I will be so blessed if I see you

  8. ioneellis says:

    Is 10:27 p.m. In Philadelphia If I could win that 500 dollars that I just put my information on to Before I got to this blog If I did win that 500 dollars I want PCH sweepstakes to directly give it to feed the children for me They can use it more than me Not saying I’m going to win it but that’s where I really want the whole thing to go is to feed the children Because if I do win that 500 I don’t want to Send It iam afraid someone might steal it So if it is allowed For Publishers Clearing House to turn the money Over to feed the children for me That away I know for sure they got it This is from my heart to those children So I’m asking my Lord God Almighty That I shall win So we can feed our children They need it most And if I win the big one I want them to have $1,000,000 Dollars to feed a whole lot of babies While I’m writing this I’m smiling from ear to ear is feeling like an angel flying above Cuz I do so much want to share my love And caring For the lives of the children I’m still here I’ll survive But they’ll survive if I helped too So forgive me PCH sweepstakes crew in team I can go on n on n on Because I have a beautiful sickness within my soul That only me and my god knows And I want those children and no to that I love them And I hurt real bad to see them like that So I will take their pain And share my happiness so they won’t hurt no more For sure So I pray to my lord That’s all I’m asking for God bless the child So I asked my lord give me time So I can make some of those children mine And they can be okay for a while And they can smile and smile and smile They could have doctors come in take care of them Give Them shots in everything Getting some clothes To put on there Body And shoes 4 There little feet I wish There was a way I could get them clean water All I could do is pray Because the Almighty God take care of all things Our children is innocent they don’t ask for this pain But we can bring happiness to them again That’s what about Almighty God gave us the love with N So it could come out and share With them Jesus wept.

  9. lisabond says:

    I really need to win for my kids and grandkids god nos I really need this praying that I win

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