21 thoughts on “2_22_Race”

  1. Bennie Hodges says:

    Wow. Wood like A $1,000,000,00 I no. That. My Sels I wood I could pay off Bill and help my children thank you pcH

  2. Bennie Hodges says:

    THAK. YOU PCH HOW do you come up with EDwin goinng form The web to the blog to the Home to the vendors thank you EDwin

  3. This is the Millionaire- making foetune, Feb,28th. Do not miss it.

  4. Bill Duncan says:

    add your comment here

  5. susie kelly says:

    I’m ready to win

  6. mary baker says:

    I. Would be too shocked for words.it would get my family out of the slump we have been in far too long.nothing ever works out for us.

  7. Sandra Dau says:

    It would be exciting to see Publisher’s Clearing House pull in my driveway and more so, with a Publisher’s Clearing House Race Car! Congratulations to the Winner Today!

  8. louisina sterling says:

    hi its me again louisina sterling’s 9 year old daughter. I have been waiting all month for this . I don’t think I will be able to sleep tonight.it would change are life and really help my family. and one last thing im so bored.my parents couldent pay the cable and im young I need tv. if you come to my home you can see im not lying.if you come you can really see that. 4 of us share one bedroom .I ever had my own bedroom but really wish I could have one. please prize patrol come to my home tomarrow to really surprize my mom. I would pray for you guys for the rest of my life if we won . hope you come to my house tomarrow. i’ll be at school praying all day tommarow.bye

  9. brian sparks says:

    for the firt time in my life i would get to cry tears of joy,probably for the rest of my life

  10. Frances Warrick says:

    It would be so wonderful for me to win on Thursday feb. 28th because Feb. 28th is my BIRTHDAY
    My name is Frances Warrick from Somerset, N.J. 08873 I have been following this event from the first day it started. I pray that the winner is me. That would be such a wonderful birthday present.

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