Danielle Lam with the $1 Million Big Check!

21 thoughts on “danielleresize”

  1. lorrie velez says:

    Hope yal come to Texas love yal so much blessing; (;*;*

  2. lorrie velez says:

    Hoping to see yal at my door love yal so much :*;*:(

  3. Good Luck two every one.

  4. I hope they are coming my way.Two MN.

  5. Kenithia Starks says:

    I can’t stop walking back an forth to the window looking for the prize patrol van

  6. You know I pray and ask God every day to help me yo win the PCH Dream Life Prize. It would be such a blessing ..

  7. Adriana Harriel says:

    May God be with the Prize Patrol while they travel to choose the lucky winner of the PCH superprize and make it safely to that winner and back to their homes

  8. christna foor says:

    I love pch

  9. jeremy campbell says:

    I have been playing for years and am loosing hope. My family and i are struggling to survive and all the loosing is depressing me.

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