Publishers Clearing House Winners of Blog Contest Revealed!


On Thursday, February 28th, when the Prize Patrol was off awarding the One Million Dollar SuperPrize, we ran an exclusive contest on the PCHblog. Anyone who left a comment on that blog post on February 28th was automatically entered to win one of three $100.00 blog prizes — just for commenting! We were thrilled to see that over 1,800 of you left comments…and such wonderful ones, too. Many of you wrote guesses as to where the Prize Patrol was heading, expressed your hopes of winning the big prize, or offered congratulations to our newest winner, Elise Gutierrez! We absolutely loved reading all your comments, and it showed us once again that PCH has the BEST fans!

We are so pleased to finally announce our 3 $100.00 Publishers Clearing House winners. Please join me in congratulating KENNETH K., MICHELLE M. AND SHEREE C. as the first-ever winners from the PCHblog!

And be sure to keep checking back at the PCHblog for more ways to win. Whether it’s an exclusive blog prize or a big SuperPrize event, we’re always one of the first places to tell you about it. Who knows…maybe you’ll be one of our NEXT Publishers Clearing House winners!

Amanda C., PCH Creative

Amanda C.
PCH Creative

220 thoughts on “Publishers Clearing House Winners of Blog Contest Revealed!”

  1. Laura Repass says:

    I love playing pch games

  2. h,h says:

    I don’t want to talk crap l want to see results, bye

  3. h,h says:

    Were are the nightly winners for pch games and lotto’s that are played to have winners l’am not seeing it tired of looking for the results so that must mean one thing, prove me wrong?

  4. tammy says:

    ok i have been playing and its funny to me that i enter my numbers and wow i have to laugh at myself cause all the numbers i get someone else has to now really this is all a joke i havent yet won anything and i keep getting emails telling me pch is close to me just to get me to play and course im a stupid one i get all happy and play and course nothing im poor and all im doing is running my phone bill up im never going to win anything its all a joke i never heard of anyone from the piqua area winning the pch i guess u have to be stupid to play the pch cause its all a joke i guess god wanted me to be poor and not have nice things and to struggle all my life cause its always the rich that wins the ones that dont need it

  5. Michele Lundberg says:

    Here I am once again writing another message to Publisher’s Clearing House that will likely never be read or anything, why am I hoping to really win the big prize? I guess I am just hoping that it is real and I could win what I need to live a good useful life.
    Now that my leg is broken and the Dr. put in a big chunk of metal to make it stronger as I age. I guess we will see. I won’t go traveling again unless my leg gets a whole lot better. not likely to happen.
    I am sad that I am wasting my time playing games that I never win. ;(

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