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  1. Mark Figenbaum says:

    Looking forward to having a chance to be a winner. Thank you for the opportunity.

  2. Dominic Frio says:

    Dominic Frio Giveaway #3080 Activation Code PC221

    Good luck everyone Winning could help alot of people

  3. Ann Hoven says:

    Luck is made by sending replys in !

  4. I Keep Sending In To Win And Never Win.

  5. Edward Gilbert says:

    I hope someone who really needs it when’s if I win I will be searching for people who do need it maybe I can bless God by blessing others

  6. shenika mann says:

    I pray and hope I win I really need help for my
    self for the sake of my two young sons
    22mth and 4 yr old sons I’m a single mom
    that’s struggling

  7. Ellen Kachmar says:

    this will make a lot of people happy thank !!

  8. Edward Gilbert says:

    Activation code SW223

  9. Karen Bartholomew says:


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