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  1. Sherri Monsue says:

    Could not enter my code – Sherri Monsue – Code PC364

  2. George Mangum activate code PC 365

  3. Kathy schaeffer says:

    Activation code PC384

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      Hi Kathy, unfortunately replying on our Blog page does not enter you into our sweepstakes. Please visit, to input your Activation Code. Let us know if you need anything else!

  4. Benjamin Boulianne says:

    My name is Benjamin Boulianne

    Activatioin code is PC365

  5. louis moncheski@gmail,com says:

    my activation code is PC361

    1. louis moncheski@gmail,com says:

      I am honored to received your actnow post card hope I am chosen for a prize

  6. charlene thomas galazen says:




  7. R Stagg says:

    R. Stagg….unable to enter my code pc364….

  8. nancy woods says:

    my code is PC364

  9. cannot enter Activation Code : P364

    1. Joseph Rocriguez says:

      Activation Code: PC364

      1. Joseph Rocriguez says:

        My name is Joseph Rodriguez
        Activation Code: PC364

  10. Dan potter says:

    had no luck entering my code

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