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  1. hopalong11 says:

    I have pc267 also, and am anticipating a long awaited notification of my finally being a P. C. H. winner .

  2. Leon Smith says:

    I love the chance to win, never won anything before.

  3. Love to Hear from you/How come I have the same number as David Swift

  4. dale c. says:

    Hello do we both have the same no. David? Cant waite to win somethingn big after being told for months, you r a winner of money or a prize. o.k. come on. We’re getting antsy_pants. lol

  5. David Swift says:

    I,am not really good at computers and have problems with a e.mail. Please call,pc267

  6. james kaiser says:

    I am the type that appreciates anything.

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