171 thoughts on “3_11_1”

  1. rawndi says:

    Rawndi says hurry up and show me the money !!

  2. ricky moser says:

    But im still having faith that it wont be to late im still yas biggest fan

  3. ricky moser says:

    Im realyy sad because i havent got post cards yet.

  4. I would like to win superprize bonus on April 30th or $1 million dollar prize.

  5. Julius Adams says:

    I am a pch super fan for life

  6. Pch Super Fan 4 LIFE!!!

  7. Cindy M says:

    HI. My initials are CM. I am a SUPER FAN & VIP MEMBER. I would very much like to claim Prize # 53565A-Unclaimed prizes. I am also a SUPER SEARCHER. I would also claim my BONUS Prize- 45 9825 4764 89. There was also a second # I found.
    Prize # 7979 2957 8271 34. I think the First one is mine, but I don’t know for sure. I would like to claim my Prize # 4900 “VIP LOYALTY REWARD”.
    Activation Codes–W12-101, #617 3103 9717. Y15 W12-3802. LP999.
    I would also like to win Prize # 4900 $7,000.00 a Week “For LIFE”. “Set For Life” “LIFE”.

    1. Cindy says:

      I want to win!!!

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