204 thoughts on “3_11_1”

  1. Sue Fitts says:

    I would love to win the money and be a superfan —

  2. love to double in ill have no more touble

  3. Pch I would love a double it up, I love being a super duper fan!

  4. Carol A says:

    Hello PCH, double for my trouble!

  5. Glennb Thoren says:

    I am a super fan and loving it!!!!! Know I want the double millions that come with it Dude?????

  6. Norma Antry says:

    I would like to be a superfan too. I hope I’m doing everything right. Thanx, Norm

  7. barbara collins says:

    Double Up honey

  8. I. Elaine R linderman have been a “SUPERFAN” for a long time and “VIP”.I would love to win double on the odds.of any Superprize.! I am in it to win it all.

  9. Sandra norman says:

    I want to be a superfan, I have participated everyday everyday I can.

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