Final Chances To Win With PCH All Day!

Wow, PCH fans, you’re back again? Of course you are! We’re approaching the final lap of PCH All Day and there’s no doubt in our minds that you all want to win! So here are the last few awesome entry opportunities from PCH All Day! Check out what we’ve got in store for you tonight!


WHAT? An entry to win $100,000.00 CASH? Yep! Enter NOW!


Fans of the PCH Fan Page do NOT want to miss this one! You’ll get an extra spin on the Lucky Loot Wheel between the hours of 7:00PM ET & 8:00PM ET!


PRIZE RELEASE ALERT: At 8:00PM, we’re releasing 5 $100.00 Sears Gift Cards that are available to be won at PCHSearch&Win!


Your LAST 1,000 bonus tokens of the day at PCHgames! Go claim them now!


PCHSearch&Win fans, this one is for YOU! Head to Edwin’s Hatch&Win on the PCHSearch&Win Page now and you will receive an extra play between the hours of 10:00PM ET & 11:00PM ET!


One last thing before you head to bed…enter to win $75,000!

There you have it PCH fans…24 hours, 24 amazing opportunities to win with PCH! As you can see, the winning NEVER stops here at PCH and we’re so happy to be able to provide you all of these chances to win! Whether it’s searching to win a cash prize or entering to win a life changing sweepstakes, Publishers Clearing House is YOUR place to win around the clock.

Tell us, what was YOUR favorite winning opportunity today?

Sarah S.
PCH Social Media


169 thoughts on “Final Chances To Win With PCH All Day!”

  1. Carla M Antee says:

    Thanks for letting me know

  2. Azra Shaikh says:

    I tried to play before leaving for my holiday but some technical difficulties I wasn’t allowed to !!! So atleast I entered the last chance & I am going away !!!
    I just I hope I win some big amount after being there for so long !!!

  3. Pch ,I need to win this dream home.

  4. A $100,000.00 a week for a year Pch, would be better Pch , this would make it possible for me to Donate to my favorite charity the children of St jude, and pay off all debt, Purchase my dream home, and insurance for medical, and a future of security for Life.

  5. This would be nice to get me out of debt.

  6. Steve Milo says:

    Good luck to all. We all need a win. This economy is rough.

  7. Robin Doss says:

    Searching to win the 24 Hour Machine Money!

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