Winning is Easy with PCH All Day & Everyday!

Where were you at midnight ET on 3/13/13?

While some people were sound asleep in their beds, it was happening.  Fans like you were flocking to the PCHblog, Twitter  and to Danielle Lam’s PCH Prize Patrol Fan Page on Facebook  to find out how to win prizes during the very first PCH All Day event.  But the fun wasn’t just for night owls!  Late sleepers got in on the action too with excitement that lasted … ALL DAY LONG!

And speaking of excitement, the best part of PCH All Day – and everyday – is announcing the winners!  So here it is – our instant winners list for 3/13/13:

Can I get a drumroll, please …?

3_20_PCH All Day Instant Winners

$100 Best Buy Gift Card Winners:
Clinton C. of Lexington, KY
Julia C. of Bedford, IN
Midgie P. of Imperial Beach, CA
Melissa F. of Gillsville, GA
Jeff D. of Perkinston, MS

$100 HSN Gift Cards Winners:
Gary C. of Renton, WA
Danielle R. of Jacksonville, FL
Taylor L. of Kingsport, TN
Edward A. of Fort Ann, NY
Todd W. of Lancaster, OH

$25 Cash Prizes Winners:
Marie P. of Warsaw, MO
Nicholas W. of Abington, PA
Paul M. of River Rouge, MI
Troy W. of San Francisco, CA
John M. of Madison, WI
Theresa R. of Welaka, FL
Gloria L. of South Colton, NY
Teresa W. of Heritage, TN
Virginia E. of Phenix City, AL
Katrina D. of Palm Bay, FL
Norman C. of Pensacola, FL
James M. of Morton, PA
Christopher P. of Lakewood, WA
Angela F. of Marshfield, MO
Tammy S. of Aurora, CO
Lucy R. of Las Vegas, NV
Regina F. of Paducah, KY
Amelia M. of Anna, TX
Luisa P. of Avondale, AZ
Telly W. of Shreveport, LA

$100 Sears Gift Cards Winners:
Michelle J. of Richmond, TX
Audrey F. of South Bend, IN
Philip L. of Hollister, CA
Marketta M. of Lilburn, GA
Alexander A. of Soulsbyville, CA

And a brand new Dell Laptop was awarded to Annamarie D. of Plano TX!


Wow, look at all the winners we had in our very first PCH All Day event … and that’s only the beginning!  Be on the lookout for updates on how to win prizes in exclusive opportunities during our NEXT big PCH All Day event – coming soon!

And remember, days like this aren’t just during PCH All Day —they’re EVERY day at Publishers Clearing House — so what are you waiting for?  Get in on the action at, PCHlotto, PCHBingo, PCHgames or PCHSearch&Win today – where the winning continues 24 hours a day!

Laurel U.
PCH Creative


20 thoughts on “Winning is Easy with PCH All Day & Everyday!”

  1. kay says:

    thak u for pch’but i have never wine any thing”it would be a blessing god at pch;;are so very wonderful”.thank u;;god bless,,

  2. Holly says:

    Congratulations to all the winners! My parents have entered pch sweepstakes since the 90’s they haven’t won yet so hopefully one day I can win for them

  3. Shantia Brooks says:

    I had a dream you guys came and knocked on my door. And i just cried because it was too good to be true that you came to Jacksonville florida. It was a good dream tho. Lol

  4. Regina Taylor says:

    Congrats to the winners! I believe I’m just not a winner and I been playing for one year.

  5. Chris Wach says:

    Wow, to be a winner must be so very awesome..I’ve been playing for over a year and haven’t won anything yet…oh, well see what tomorrow brings. CONGRATULATIONS ON 60 YEARS PCH..WISH YOU MANY MORE!!!

  6. congrats i want to be in the winner to guys


  8. Bernice Hollingsworth says:

    I haven’t won anything yet.I will keep on trying =)

  9. patrick m hollis says:

    I play the pch lotto everyday hoping that I would win and everyone laughs at me and say that im waisting my time that I will never will win anything but I fill that im not waisting my time I do believe theres a chance to win im about to lose everything so im trying and raying that I get lucky.

  10. michael mayns says:

    Hello PCH Danielle Dave Todd all of you it’s great to see so many winners I pray I’m one of them soon you spread so much happiness that’s a real good thing you guys rock

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