Publishers Clearing House Scam Prevention Tips From Danielle Lam

Hi fans,

It’s Danielle Lam of the PCH Prize Patrol. Our $1,000,000.00 Every Year For Life SuperPrize Event is just over a month away, and I want to make sure YOU know how to stay safe from Publishers Clearing House scams. Please watch my video below for important information!

So remember, my TWO most important scam prevention tips are:

1) The PCH Prize patrol does NOT contact big SuperPrize winners in advance. You’ll know you’re a winner of our $1,000,000.00 Every Week For Life SuperPrize Event (or any SuperPrize event) if the Prize Patrol shows up at your door. And it would be a complete surprise!

2) My most important scam prevention tip — you NEVER need to pay to claim a PCH prize. At PCH, the winning is always FREE!

So fans, please remember these important Publishers Clearing House scam prevention tips. As always, comment below if you have ANY questions…and of course, best of luck to everyone for the $1,000,000.00 Every Year For Life SuperPrize Event!



Danielle Lam

Prize Patrol Elite

248 thoughts on “Publishers Clearing House Scam Prevention Tips From Danielle Lam”

  1. Glad says:

    What goes ? I wanted to win big to help my family. I got all these promising letters.. I spent all my money on purchases and the day arrives and another disappointment. Please remove my name & address from your mailings, as I don’t trust what’s happening. We all know we all can’t win but you lead people on. As a Christian, I can no longer be made a fool of by your company, PCH.I want to pay off my bill and forget PCH ever existed. I’m having difficulty getting to the proper place on my computer where I made other payments. . Please send me the correct login that I should use to view my bill so I can get it paid.Most of all, remove me from your mailing lists. Thanks

  2. Dianne says:

    Yes, I Want To Win $5,000 a Week “Forever”

  3. Tamara Lin Red Cloud says:

    I recently accepted a friend request on FB from a Danielle Lamm saying she was a partof PCH saying I had won money and a car and also asking for my contact number. Could someone please help me with this.

  4. House Winner says not a Scam its all mine Reality Star

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