3_27_Giveaway Number

3_27_Giveaway Number

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  1. Bonnie Roman says:

    Claiming my PCH entry’s gwy 6900. Win it all. Gwy 6900 4 million dollars. Gwy. 6900. 10,000 a week. Gwy. 6900. 7,000 a week. Gwy 4900 5,000 a week. Gwy 6085.. Gwy 6086. Yes I want to win. I’m disabled and my husband also. We live in a housing project. It’s nothing is wrong about that. The 1st. Thing I want to buy is a new electric wheelchair for my husband hes elderly and I want him to be happy. Of course buy things we need. And I would like to donate money to the shelter for the VA and the homeless.

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      Bonnie, our current Sweepstakes Giveaway #6900 is going to be FUN and exciting throughout it’s lifetime. In April we awarded our First Early Look Event of $1 Million Dollars to Jane B. from Iowa and now were promoting our next Early Look event for this giveaway. The “Win It All” is the ultimate prize PACKAGE! Enter today for your chance to win $2 Million Dollars immediately PLUS $10,000 A Month for Life PLUS a Brand New Car! Our Early Look Event for this Giveaway will be held on June 30th. Click here to view the multiple ways to enter: http://bit.ly/Enter-A-PCH-Sweeps.

  2. Yes for life giveaway #3080

  3. Yes I want to win for life giveaway #3080

  4. Linda Kaasch says:

    Help dog shelters

  5. Janice Palo says:

    Love to give to charity and CHRILDREN Hospital,also Purple Heart,

  6. Francisca Calderon says:

    Register gwy no.6900 pch April 27 2016 7,000.

  7. my gwy is 6805 for charity garcia…tel

  8. my gwy is no 6085 charity garcia 219 ridge ter. lane montebello, ca.
    thank you.

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