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  1. seems like the winning prize number “Method” does nothing but leave one in total confusion having responded to these 20 or more prize numbers over several years and “Never” got a response from PRC. Anita S

    1. Hello Anita, The great thing about our Early Look events is that unlike the lottery, there is always a winner whether the winning SuperPrize number is returned our not. That means more money is awarded to more winners and the big prize will still be awarded! Keep entering for your chance to become a lucky winner. Here’s how: http://bit.ly/Enter-A-PCH-Sweeps

  2. PCH please grant me winning prize number to Win $5,000 a week forever this would be a dream come true please help me make my dream come true with $5,000 week forever

  3. there are so many numbers…6900,6902,8187,6085, 6086, 8035, 8186,8333, 9218,9219, 9220, 8800, 4748, 7233, 6902, 8186, 6085,4900, please help me. I am a widow that had no life insurance to help me. I am about to lose everything. I really need help.. Please.. Lord God … look upon all of the enteries of this contest and bless them. Thank you.. Good luck everyone !!! Merry Christmas !