3_27_Giveaway Number

3_27_Giveaway Number

240 thoughts on “3_27_Giveaway Number”

  1. Anita hercutt says:

    Pick me 3080

  2. Anita hercutt says:

    I want to win and the ones I need to help want me to win
    3080. Anita

  3. Glenn Cobbs says:

    It would be nice to win it would do a lot for me an my family an friends/ an give to someone that nds it like the homeless/r just someone u don’t no like ppl out there holding signs by the freeway give from ur heart regardless of what ppl May thing they might do with it bless us all good luck everybody 3080/3577/3726/4178/29.02 pch.com GWY

  4. Anita hercutt says:

    Best of luck to everyone including myself
    If you win think of how to help others before yourself

  5. Anita hercutt says:

    I want to win also because it isn’t just for me
    It’s for others that needs stuff to walk with and get from place to place
    It’s not all about me
    Best of luck to everyone

    1. Tamika strudwick says:

      This gwy 3080 I’m looking forward in winning.

  6. i well be the next win the no 3080 3755 3726 3818

  7. Anita hercutt says:

    I would love to have a home and not have to live with my parents because of my income. I would like to get my special needs clients a handicap van so they could go into the public and enjoy themselves.
    Thank you p.c.h. for the chance of a lifetime


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