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  1. I would love to win this $1,000,000 for life. However I would love to win a lot of other ones too. Like win it all. And the one I just got in mail. I. Would just be so happy to be able to help other people. At church. It would be wonderful. Thanks be to God. Regina J Green . 😆

  2. I started with PCH in 1982 on and off. Love it it’s a lot of Fuun, I enjoy it very much. Are your stocks public?

  3. Wow! will be able to help plenty people who are strugling to survied, specially our injured sick veterans and their families. Besides taking care of all my personal needs. My son will have their home paid & could retired sooner than he think. What a blessing it will be! Love it.

  4. I’m sure you want participation. Issue everyone a participation number & show the winning number to everyone & more people play! Thanks.

    Thomas Rudnick

  5. I can’t belive 1million a year. Pch you guy just keep giving the money away. Why don’t you send some my,way. I would really be a good person . If you come to my house i will leave something in the house for you. Sincerely Deborah H

  6. Please reward me for my entries/1participation in PCH contest NO. 1830,4900,4950,3600,3577,3148,3080,4902,5135,4749. Thank you. Thomas Rudnick.

  7. PCH I WANT IT ALL!!!!!! GWY NO. 1830,3080, 3148, 3577, 3600, 4950, 4951, 4900, 4902, 5135, 5167, & 4749 I’M ENTERING PLS ACTIVATE MY ENTRIES THNX PAULINE….

  8. It would be a great way to be retired and truly enjoy life! And enjoy my family, and my sweet grandsons! And give back to all the people that need a helping hand!💜