What Would You Do With $1 Million Every Year For Life?

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Who knows? That April 30th winner could turn out to be YOU! How exciting is that?

Imagine if you really did win $1 Million Every Year for life. What would you do? Would you… Go on your dream vacation EVERY YEAR? Would you drive around in a brand spankin’ new car, EVERY YEAR? Attend the most exclusive events, EVERY YEAR? Pass money down to your kids, EVERY YEAR? The opportunities are endless!

Jeez. Come to think of it, I can’t even begin to think what I’d do with all that money. So check this out…

I decided to take a walk around PCH Headquarters and see if my fellow co-workers would help me out. Let’s find out what they would do if they had $1 Million coming to them each and every year for the rest of their life.

Here’s what they said…

Wow…donate to charity, build their own house (out of cash!), take a vacation for LIFE…those are some really great answers.

Be sure to go to PCH.com NOW and enter  for your chance to win BIG, before it’s too late! The April 22nd (11:59 PM, ET) deadline is just a few weeks away.

Good Luck to YOU!

Matt S.

PCH Creative

P.S. Tell us what YOU would do with all that money coming to YOU! Comment below and let us know!

684 thoughts on “What Would You Do With $1 Million Every Year For Life?”

  1. Carla M Antee says:

    I would look start my own business. Continue to fundraise and traveling Gwy No 1830

  2. David Faas says:

    I truely really want to win on Friday February 27,2015 And I can get out of this Cold Weather for a Week or so here in MINNESOTA.
    A warm environment Sun,Warm Breezes and and Turquoise Blue Waters would Soothe my OA or as I generally say,Arthritis !!! It will be a Blessing for me to finally win.
    But first I would have to throw a Party.???
    Finally,I am in it to win it,I want to win it.I have to win it and get lucky the BigCheck.



  3. Winning A Million Every Year would be the blessing God Above would trully want for a true searvor of his! I want to run a home bissness that will in run be help ping family’s that really need it! Although they would have to leave a good life as our father above would want of them! I Love people and want to see them happy! Giving as the Lord wants, help ping as he wishes for us to do, blessing as we can do here on earth is all I severe want as I give them to others!!! God please let this one be the on giving you have told me of!!!! In Jesus Christ our Loving Savors Name I Pray AMEN!!!!!!

  4. marjorie says:

    ny dream would pay off all of my bills and buy house for my kids and grand douther

  5. marjorie says:

    I would really like to win from pch then I wouldent have to worry any more and I love pch

  6. Pavlina Ilieva says:

    This gonna be amazing . :)
    I know that I know
    Thank you PCH
    Come to ski in beautiful Colorado :)

  7. pavlina ilieva says:

    WHY NOT ME ?! :)
    I LOVE YOU PCH. :)

  8. lottie Sampson says:

    I be playing black Jack game it will not let finish it on the last one what wrong. With it

  9. I wouldn’t have to worry but money ever again I’d be able to support my daughter spoiler like I would buy mom vacation and new roof and help others as well I’d win a legecy for my future and kids generation to come

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