PCH Prize Patrol Drops In On Louisiana and California

The Prize Patrol has been to Louisiana and California many times before – in fact very recently to LaPlace, LA to surprise Elise Gutierrez with a Million Dollar SuperPrize  on February 28th.  But even with all the media coverage underscoring the reality of the Publishers Clearing House “winning moments” you see on TV, there are still far too many people out there who don’t believe that we are “for real.”  When we walk through an airport or get roses for the winner or show up in an all-American neighborhood, bystanders gawk and exclaim “Well I’ll be darned.  I didn’t think you guys really existed!”

Well, we do exist!  Just ask Alvin Roundtree of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Tria Lo of Sacramento, California.  They were two lucky winners we surprised with Big Checks for $10,000.00 each.  They entered our sweepstakes religiously — maybe even prayerfully! – because they wanted to win some money and because they never gave up hope

Alvin wasn’t home when we arrived [on March 25th], but a neighbor saw the Prize Patrol van pull up and knew how to reach him on his cell phone.  “You better come home right away, Alvin!” he was told.  Poor Alvin raced home thinking he might find his house on fire.  There was no fire, just a lot of excitement.  He doesn’t feel poor any more having been awarded roses, balloons and a Big Check!

4_3_Real PCH Winner Alvin Roundtree

Alvin phoned me later to say that he has been overwhelmed with calls of “Congratulations” from coast to coast.  People are delighted to hear of his good fortune and that, yes indeed, real folks really win real money at PCH.

4_3_Real Publishers Clearing House Winner Alvin Roundtree


We didn’t have to engage a neighbor’s help when we pulled up to Tria Lo’s house in Sacramento. In fact, we had to really hustle because she was just pulling out of her driveway. As it turned out, she wasn’t leaving home but moving her truck to make room for a carpet cleaner van waiting curbside. Tria’s mouth fell open when she immediately recognized the Prize Patrol running across the lawn. The carpet cleaning guy was pretty stunned himself as he watched the event unfold.

4_3_Real PCH Winner Tria Lo's Family

It’s good we arrived [on March 26th] during Spring Break.  Some other time we would have had to track-down Tria to the school where she is a teacher.  But the whole family was home: Tria, her husband and four children.  What a celebration!  She couldn’t wait to get on the computer, and share the good news – and the reality – of a Prize Patrol visit.

SW_4_3_PCH Winner Tria and Dave

How would you like to be a winner in the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes?  If it happened to Alvin and Tria, it can happen to you too.  Enter every day at pch.com — just like many of our winners do — and maybe you’ll be next!

Good luck!

Dave Sayer PCH

Dave Sayer

Prize Patrol Ambassador

P.S. Check back at the PCH blog tomorrow for another touching winning moment story!



43 thoughts on “PCH Prize Patrol Drops In On Louisiana and California”

  1. Sabraney says:

    If I won PCH super prize or just anything I would be shocked I live in California and I have never seen anybody from my state win period so I gave up hope.

  2. Joan Mooers says:

    I hope the Prize Patrol comes this way to my front door in Southern California. My Husband could use some encouragement to believe it.

  3. Mitchel Collins says:

    I have to see and experience this to believe it now. I been sending back entries since 1985, in three states. They have me on record for 12 years participation. Thus, there appears to be an error in their database.

    Come on now, a first time entry has superior status more so that purchaser and entry a legacy member. Not once but over and over again. You are in the final stage, just one more step – hundreds of times. We know where you live, here is the directions, we know the TV media at your location and we will notify them. Here are your numbers and we hope to see you. Yeah-Right! I don’t believe it. This has to be staged!

  4. pam slaughter says:

    please come to my house I need a blessing for my family see you soon dave sayer

  5. Kandi Hipes says:

    I have entered almost daily since 1999. I have not as yet won a prize. My husband and son are always laughing at me as i enter every sweepstakes on the PCH site. They tell me it is a scam. I tell them maybe so but if it isn’t I can’t win if I don’t enter. Hopefully this will be my year. Although many things have gone awry in this family and I could use any help I can get, I am still blessed.

  6. Ashley McKnight says:

    Bless my home!!!

  7. brandi smith says:

    God has sent me this site for a reason 12yrs ago and now that pch has came back into my life i won something for the first time and i feel truely blessed and there is a reason for everything but im not in this because of greed or pride im in this cause i feel its the best thing that could ever happen to me and im humbled by the generosity of other human beings that are willing to give and i respect it and appreciate dave,todd,danielle they could of chosen any other path but they chose pch and im very greatful to every person that has anything to do with publishers clearing house ive been a fan ever since 1995 and im really hoping with every strength in my fingers to type wat i feel that is write dwn because its nothing but love ,frienship,honesty,loyalty that you offer and generosity,caring for other people thats wat matters the most and helping each other so please help me to be blessed april 30,2013 initials b.s.

  8. brandi smith says:


  9. brandi smith says:

    Well i guess i missed out on the initials prize today april 9,2013 im looking forward to try and win the forever super prize april 30,2013 initials b.s. please bless my household come visit my home pch prize patrol and thanku pch staff and pch customer service.

  10. Vicente gonzalez says:

    I had a dream last week that super prize patrol came to my house with a regular size check ,I asked Dave sayer I thought winners get that big humongous check well hopefully soon i get to see that giant check ..
    Hope to See you soon Dave Sayer and the patrol team…
    Vicente Gonzalez April 8,2013

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