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  1. carlos k says:

    Hi i was contacted by someone that said that they were PCH they knew all my information they told me that I have won 500$ that I needed to sign up for some magazines to receive 500$ gift card they just need my credit card Number there phone number is 602 638 1937 i *67 them rite back and they were a law office should i be concerned

  2. ron morrison says:

    Hi Elaina, Been playing the Pch Prize Pursuit New on the Pch Fan Page on Facebook. But for some reason this is no longer on my site, unable to play. Thought you may know why this no longer exist. Thank Tou, Love everythinh about PCH

  3. Hi Elaina,

    y name is Joan Stackley,why I’m E-Mailing you is because someone from PCH been calling me and when I did talked with someone from PCH on 8/28/2013 Wednesday he did said that I won,but he keep on talking about other things than what I won,I kept on herein him,and stuip me I gave him my work number,what should I do about this? Why I findly hang up I knwen for sure it was all a scam.

    Hope To Hear From You,
    Joan Stackley

  4. Holly Messinese says:

    Hi Elaina,
    I’ve been entering every day for years, and you replied back to me once, and asked me for my address because I entered something on a blog and won $100.00!. Since then, I’ve been thinking that I might atleast have a bit of a shot at winning the BIG ONE!. Anyway, I wanted to thank you for being so nice, and wish you all the best luck in the world with your career at PCH!

  5. mark freeman says:

    well I being trying this for year.s to win I have a big flamly and we don’t anly thing for once I my life I would like to have somthing for my famdly that I love and more for them to give them a noic. home and to do more thing and giive more you kown. so is all this about pch true. . is true that can win $.100.000.00 and $5.000.00a week for life. like I sad I being tbis for year.s iam. 47year old I. ei.g so hard and praying so hard hopi.g that some day that I would win. iam mark freeman

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