PCH Initials Contest Match Game

PCH Initials Contest Match Game

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  1. Maria Marcotte says:

    Danielle Lam is the first one ; The second one is Todd Sloan; The third one is Dave Sayer. My initials are M.M.

  2. Danielle Lamb – DL
    Dave Sawyer – DS
    Todd Sloane – TS

  3. Janice Abbitt 6900. Danielle Lamb. Todd Sloane. Dave Sawyer.

  4. Maureen Olney says:

    Maureen Olney

    1. Danielle Lamb 2. Todd Sloane and 3. Dave Sayer. I would love to $100.00 with set of M O initials.

  5. Enter my Initials TS. To win $100,00 cash .
    Thanks All .


    1 Danielle Lamb
    2 Todd Sloan
    3 Dave Sawyer

  7. Dave sawyer_D.S
    Todd Sloane-T.S.
    Danielle Lamb.-D.L. from Darcel Zuller Pch Sweepstakes, Gwy 69OO

  8. Mrs. Earnestine Hammons says:

    1.Danielle Lamb – D.L
    2.Todd Sloane -T.S
    3.Dave Sawyer -D.S

  9. Enter my initials AW gwy no. 6650 to win $100,00 cash.

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