PCH Initials Contest Match Game

PCH Initials Contest Match Game

923 thoughts on “PCH Initials Contest Match Game”

  1. Sandra says:

    Pch needs. to put new. different. games. up

  2. 1. Dianna Lam 2. Dave Sawyers 3. Tom sloan my initials arw V.T.

  3. joyce says:

    diann lam david s todd sloan

  4. joyce says:

    the first are wrong diana lam second one is david s thrid is tom sloane


    1 DL= Danielle Lams 2.DS= Dave Sawyers 3. TS =Todd Sloane

  6. diamond Thomas says:

    I pray I win I need take care my family God please bless me with be a winning winner

  7. Tammy Miller says:

    Please enter me in the initial giveaway, my initials are t.m. for Tammy Miller giveaway no. 3818. Thanks for pch for letting me play. Good luck to everyone.

  8. Judith larkin says:

    All of them prize patrols to deliver my check with my name. I want to meet them. Because they ‘re famous people. Make sure to bring interpret asl (America sign language ) because I am deaf.

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