PCH Initials Contest Match Game

PCH Initials Contest Match Game

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  1. Good morning my PCH Super Heroes.
    My Answer is to this initial game is.
    1.Danielle Lamm
    2.Dave Slayer
    3.Todd Sloane
    Hope I’ve played correctly.
    For what it’s worth it was fun.
    Thank you have a wonderful
    day you PCH teamsters. : = ))

  2. My initials are A.E.
    PCH Match initials are 1. D.L. 2. T.S. 3. D.S.

  3. My initials are A.E.
    PCH Match is 1. DL 2. TS 3. DS I am entering the initials for PCH GWY 86371

  4. I claimed #3 TS . From PCH ! Thank You So Much Deve Slayer !
    I need to pay bills for merchandise pch !

  5. gary dixon says:

    1 Danielle Lamm 2Tod Sloane 3Dave Slayer I would like to claim 100 dollar cash prize with 6650 gwy and my initials are GD and I’m a superfan and I’m in it to win it .

  6. Kent clark says:

    1.dl 2ts 3 ds i hope i do win the 100.00

  7. Versia Cantrell says:

    PCH Match, No. 1 with DL, No. 2 is T.S. No. 3 is D.S.

  8. I am Entering My Initials SF for PCH giveaway 6650

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