PCH Initials Contest Match Game

PCH Initials Contest Match Game

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  1. #1Danielle Lam
    #2 Todd Sloane
    #3 Dave Sayer

    My initials are AQ!!

  2. Andre Mack says:

    I have been true to you all at pch for a long time now and have did everything that you asked of me and you all will not even give me a $2 cup of coffee I don’t no why but I am going to keep trying I don’t even have money to get to work a lot of times but I make sure I keep untouch with you all because I need to believe in something to tell myself my life will get better and I will be able to buy my kids the things they need .my name is Andre Mack and I am going to keep trying.

  3. Initial Contest #1Danielle Lam #2 Todd Sloane #3 Dave Sayer

    1. I do appreciate the chance to be Part of PCH Sweepstakes, I would be honored and very greatful the contest from PCH, I’d and my family would love to WIN IT ALL !!

  4. Ms. T. Wood Walker says:

    DL = #1 Danielle. Lam
    DS= #3 Dave Sayer
    TS= #2 Todd Sloan

    I am hoping and praying that I will meet them real soon.
    FYI H= Howie
    Thanks so much for all the information you provide in the official PCHblog .

    Do you have any PCH Lotto information regarding PCH lotto related to reviewing & claiming rewards timely? I would like to avoid loose the tokens awarded to me, for picking correct number(s), on all lotto games?

    Ms. T. Wood Walker
    Tallahassee, FL

  5. Han Nguyen says:

    hi want to enter to win a set of initials $100.00 gwy no.6650 and the game I will pick (no.1 DS) I hope I can win thanks

  6. Paula Baxter says:

    Win 100.0 dollar be okay

  7. Tashawna Cooper says:

    Please activate my entry to win it all October 21,2016. Tashawna, has follow the path below from START to FINISH. After SEARCH ONE, come back to this email and SEARCH TWO MORE TIMES at PCHFrontpage for your opportunity to win all three Prize. $7000, $25,000 towards a dream vacation and $100 in cash with the initials TC

    1. JAMESETTA DAVIS says:

      good morning this is jamesetta Davis again this is for Publishers Clearing House Ms. Danielle, Mr.Dave Sayer, Mr.Todd Sloane,you saying can we match the face on the left with the initials on the right yes I can

      1. 1. Danielle Lam
        2. Todd Sloan
        3. Dave Sayer

        My initials are TT

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