PCH Initials Contest Match Game

PCH Initials Contest Match Game

1,143 thoughts on “PCH Initials Contest Match Game”

  1. maryfyffe says:

    Dl 1)(Ds3)( ts-2)

  2. Reggie. stamps says:

    I know if i. Win. I know that would be helpful. Buildings and. Poorly. For Sr city. Pm here in ALBUQUERQUE

  3. ivelisse Maldonado Santiago says:

    1DL 2TS 3DS

  4. tina george says:

    (DL -1)-(DS-3)-(TS-2)

  5. Lorraine Spotts says:

    1-DL, 2-TS, 3-DS

  6. Rode De La Trinidad says:

    DS DL TS

  7. 1 is TS, 2 is DL , 3 is DS

  8. gary lohden says:

    1 i s DL 2 is TS 3 is Ds Mind GL

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